Saturday, June 4, 2016

Caves of the Kobold Slave Masters

A Cat Patrol Adventure

The Cat Patrol, a party comprising of Cooper the warrior, Thomasina the cleric, Ollie the halfling, Onyx the rogue, and Buster the elf (who is fairly new to the party), has been hired to rescue Elvynn the adventurer, Word has come that he has been enslaved by kobolds. Our heroes set out on their adventure.

This game report reveals details from the published module, Caves of the Kobold Slave-Masters. If you plan or are thinking about playing this module you probably don't want to read this report. Instead, you may want to read one of my other Four Against Darkness reports. To maintain some surprise, I have no replicated the map.

Cover from the Ganesha Games website
As the party entered the caves, a pervading sense of doom overwhelmed Cooper, Ollie, and Buster. With the coaxing of their comrades, they continued into the kobold's lair, although their effectiveness was likely to be impaired.

In the first room, they found a chained goblin, whom they freed and allowed to escape from the dungeon. Then the found a magical pool, avoided a magical noose trap, and discovered a clue and a scroll in a library, After these successes, they stumbled into the lair of a manticore. They rushed to the attack and scored a couple of hits. It lashed out with its tail; Cooper narrowly avoided being skewered by the poisonous barb. Then the rest of the party defeated the beast. In its lair, they discovered an 80 gold piece pendant.

After passing through 2 uneventful rooms, the heroes stumbled into an armory. They made short work of the 6 kobold guards. The next room held a troll. In a short but intense battle, Cooper was wounded and the troll killed. As our heroes relaxed after their victory, the troll sprung back to life and attacked. Again they killed it but it regenerated. Finally, Buster hacked it to pieces and it remained dead.

From here they entered a long cavern with a rushing stream bisecting it. A bridge covered with runes crossed the stream. Bravely, Ollie decided to attempt a crossing. As he did, the magical runes erupted into flame. Fortunately our halfling was dextrous enough to leap clear of danger. The rest of the party decided to try wading the stream. Onyx got caught up in the current and was painfully bashed up against some rocks. But he and the rest of the party managed to make it across.

On the far side of the cavern was 2 doors. They opened one and were attacked by a zombie dragon. It breathed a noxious gas upon the party; Cooper, Ollie, and Onyx were nearly overcome by the fumes. The party hacked and slashed and the creature. Desperately wounded, it flew away.

In the other room they found Elvynn chained to a wall. He was being whipped by several kobolds. Cooper and Thomasina led the attack, taking out 2 kobolds. One of the enemy lashed out with its whip, disarming Buster. Another four of the slave-masters fell to the blades of our heroes. Cooper and Thomasina managed to stave off the attacks of the remaining enemy. Then in a blink of an eye, the last of the kobolds were defeated.

Onyx managed to pick the locks on Elvynn's chains. Then, they led him out of the caverns and into freedom.

Although Elvynn had been rescued, the slave-masters were still at large. What will happen next to our heroes? Only time will tell, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting adventures of the Cat Patrol.