Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Dragon's Lair

An Adventure using Four Against Darkness
Part 2

After defeating the ogre, our party backtracked to the second room extending from the corridor (11). We met some goblin snotlings, which Aganon defeated in one blow. We then entered a room with a statue of a warrior (12).

The statue's sword did not appear to be stone; it gleamed like silver. Kyda was so entranced that she touched the sword. The statue suddenly came to life and swung its sword at her! She dodged the blow and then struck it with her sword. Wynne rushed up and smashed it with her mace. Enraged, the statue swung at Wynne but she dodged. Aganon, Wynne, and I all hit it, then Kyda finished it off with a backstab.

Once it was defeated, the statue crumbled into bits. We still had the sword, which was silver. We estimated that it was worth 140 gold pieces.

We wound through another empty corridor (13) and entered a charnel house. Suddenly, the bones became animated. 8 skeletons attacked. In a fury of holy indignation against the undead, Wynne smashed the bones to bits (with some help from the rest of us).

We turned back and then entered another corridor (15). Ahead, we could see a room (16) and could hear the unmistakable sounds of breathing. This was it! We readied ourselves and marched forth, springing a trap in the corridor. Another boulder fell, hitting me again! Wynne rushed to me side after I fell. But then we could hear movement from the room. The creature in there was coming out! Wynne cast a quick heal on me, then resumed her position.

Suddenly, from the room came the roar of fire. Aganon and Kyda hit the floor, avoiding damage. Wynne and I were blistered. Our party then rushed into the dragon's lair. Aganon wounded it while I cast a lightning bolt that struck it square in the chest. The beast bellowed with rage, then slashed with its claws at Aganon. He avoided the blow and struck the dragon again. It reared back and spouted flame from its gullet once again. This time, everyone was scorched. Yet we fought on. Surrounding it, we struck and struck until it lay dead. We found some gold and a magic mace for Wynne!

After bandaging our wounds, we headed out. I noticed that the corridor outside of the dragon's lair (15) turned toward the entrance. We decided to proceed down it. A swarm of vampire bats attacked but we easily scattered them. We were in luck; the corridor connected to the entry room. We made it out safely!

We returned to Temple headquarter to report our victory.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Descent into Darkness

An Adventure using Four Against Darkness
Part 1

From the Chronicles of Maudicor
From our headquarters at the main Temple in Scotsile, servants of our Lord are often sent on missions across the divided lands. Recently, my party embarked on such a mission. The Temple received reports of dragon activity in the mountains north of Elgram.

My comrades and I were assigned to investigate. We tracked the dragon to a lair cut into the side of the mountain. Below is my map of the complex.

We could see an exit further up the mountain (clearly the way that the dragon made its way into the dungeon) but we entered through 2 large stone doors. Initially, we only encountered various types of vermin, such as vampire bats and frogs (1-3). We found an armory (4) but needed no weapons. A fountain (5) provided magical healing but we were as of yet unhurt.

After brushing aside some more vermin (6-7), we entered a room with a long entrance corridor (8). In the room itself, we could see a treasure chest. Carelessly, we entered, triggering a trap. A large boulder fell from the ceiling. The others managed to dodge it, but it glanced off my shoulder. I could feel pain surging through me. Wynne bandaged me the best she could.

We backtracked and then proceeded along an empty, winding corridor (9). We entered another room (10) and discovered an ogre! We attacked the beast. I cast a lightning bolt that knocked it back. Aganon used the opportunity to strike, causing another wound to the monster. The ogre lashed back and Aganon staggered. But he returned to the fray and struck the ogre again. Wynne followed and smashed it with her mace.

Now, the beast plowed through the party and swung at me! I could not avoid the blow and was sent reeling across the floor. Seeing me incapacitated, Aganon rushed over and stood over me to protect me. The ogre swung his massive club but Aganon deflected the blow. He struck back while Kyda moved behind and stabbed the ogre from behind. It collapsed with a mighty thud.

After the battle, Wynne felt a surge of holy power; she knew that the Lord had blessed her by increasing her skill. We rummaged the room and I found a staff that casts fireballs.

From there we backtracked again, entering a second door in the winding corridor.

What will the party find in this room. Learn next time!