Saturday, March 19, 2016

Assault of Hill 531

Part 6 of Icing the Enemy

The Federation destruction of the moonbase known as Icebox Alpha paved the way for the invasion of Frigidar. Shortly afterward, the dropships landed and deployed Federation ground forces. They began their push toward the capital city.

A few miles outside of the capital, the Frigidair Army set up its defenses on Hill 531. The Federation feinted a frontal assault and managed to swing the bulk of its army to the flank.

With support from missile launchers to the south, the Federation armor hit the Frigidair left flank.

Missiles destroyed one of the armor units, but the other (the 253rd regiment) overran Fridigair positions on the hill.

The 253rd continued its rampage. Meanwhile, Frigidair power infantry assaulted the Federation missile launchers.

The missile launchers beat back the attack but the 253rd was pushed off the hill. After much delay, Federation infantry began to converge on the hill.

The 253rd swung around the flank and rolled over two more units.

The final Frigidair infantry deployed force shields and held off attacks.

But the numbers began to take the toll.

And finally the 253rd broke through the last defenses.

The Federation victory broke the back of Frigidait resistance and opened the way to the capital. Motorized units began streaming down the road to the capital.

The 253rd performed sterling service, overrunning numerous enemy units despite a hail of fire. Its efforts earned it the nickname "the Indestructibles."

But what of Federation personnel imprisoned by Frigidair forces? In particular, what became of agents Kate and Kip?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Battle of Icebox Alpha

Part 5 of Icing the Enemy

After an air raid disabled Frigidair's proton cannons, the Federation fleet is able to move into orbit in preparation for a planetary invasion. The last obstacle is a base on the moon jokingly referred to as the Icebox. The Frigidair Planetary Defense has constructed an anti-ship battery at the base. In addition, a cruiser (the Boreas) and a destroyer have been sent to delay the Federation fleet until planetary defenses are prepared.

The Federation has sent a squadron consisting of 2 cruisers (the Endeavor and the Resurgent) and 4 destroyers.

The Federation fleet converges on the moon Icebox

A Federation destroyer launches a reckless attack on the Boreas. It manages to damage the cruiser but is hit in turn. Another Federation destroyer takes damage from the base's battery.

Federation ships converge on the Frigidair destroyer. It uses a moonlet's magnetic field to hide from attacks while it further damages a Federation destroyer.

The Boreas launches its fighter squadron which engages a destroyer. Its anti-fighter guns scatter a Federation fighter squadron. Meanwhile, the moonbase eliminates a destroyer.

The Federation cruisers move into battle. The Endeavor wipes out the enemy fighters.

The Boreas suffers multiple attacks and takes more damage.

The attacks continue until it is destroyed.

The Federation squadron converges on the moon base.

A barrage of laser and torpedo fire erupts until the Resurgent pummels the base into submission

The Federation invasion fleet can now assume orbit and begin debarking troops to restore Federation rule.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Air Raid

Part 4 of Icing the Enemy

Last time, the Blue Genies defeated the Frigidair air defense, freeing the Federation bombers to attack the proton cannon control post (located inside a small hill).

The first wave approaches. Anti aircraft guns are poised to defend the post.

The fireworks begin. Red 2 is hit.

And then destroyed. Red 1 manages to damage one of the AA gun emplacements.

Red 1 flies within range of the control post. Its torpedo slams into the hill but does no damage.

The AA guns get Red 1 in a crossfire. Red 1 is also shot down!

But then the second wave flies into range. Counter-battery missiles take out one of the AA guns.

Blue 1 launches a torpedo but is hit by AA fire. The torpedo slams into the hill.

All 3 craft take a bead on the control post. Blue 1 misses again but Blue 2 and 3 deftly launch their torpedoes into the cave mouth. The ensuing explosions rip apart the control post!
With the proton cannon out of action, the invasion of Frigidair can proceed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dogfight Over Frigidair

Part 3 of Icing the Enemy
A Ray Gunn crossover

Note: Ray Gunn is a recurring character that I've used in starfighter battles that have been featured on the Warwell's Wargames site. He is now part of Kate and Kip's narrative!

The orderly handed the message over to Admiral Warschaw. The admiral ripped it from his hands and scanned it quickly.


His adjutant looked at him. "Something wrong, Admiral?"

"The agents in sector 7 failed their mission. The proton cannon is still operational."

The adjutant nodded. "And we cannot enter orbit until it is knocked out?"

"Correct. This throws our whole timetable off."

The admiral thought for a moment, then made a decision.

"Well, we can't just sit here. Send in the Blue Genies."

"Admiral," the adjutant began. "An air strike could kill the agents."

Momentarily, a look of worry passed across the admiral's eyes, but then he steeled himself.

"It can't be helped; we have to act. Let's hope they move the prisoners to a new location.

Minutes lately, the Blue Genie squadron, with Lts. Ray Gunn and Ty Rowe in the lead, were zooming over the surface of Frigidair en route to the proton cannon in sector 7.

Suddenly, their early warning monitors lit up. "We have 2 V-class light fighters inbound!"

The 2 enemy fighters concentrated on Rowe. He exchanged fire with one, but there were no hits.

The enemies separated. Rowe performed a tight turn and blasted on of the fighters out of the sky. Gunn also got a shot off, but the enemy managed to dodge.

Now the 2 Federation pilots pursued the lone enemy.

Rowe tried a long shot but missed.

After a series of maneuvers, the combatants passed by one another.

The Federation Stingray fighters turned in pursuit.

The V-class fighter turned toward Rowe. Both pilots squeezed their triggers. Rowe was hit! Although blinded by smoke, he kept firing. The lasers tore into the enemy craft until it exploded!

With his damaged ship, Rowe broke off and headed for the carrier. Gunn escorted him back. Yet they had accomplished their mission - the way to the proton cannon was open for the Federation bombers.

Monday, March 7, 2016

An Unlucky Day

Part 2 of Icing the Enemy
A Kate and Kip Adventure

Last time, Kate and Kip were able to advance to the mouth of the cave that housed the proton cannon controls. Unfortunately, one of the defenders escaped into the cave to alert his comrades. Yet our heroes had no choice. The fate of the fleet was in their hands. They had to press onward,

Kate and Kip followed the retreating soldier into the cave. Kate turned a corner and saw him fleeing through the icy corridors/ She leveled her blaster. POW! He was down.

But the soldier had raised the alarm, and more defenders converged on our heroes. A hail of laser fire engulfed the duo. Kip was knocked unconscious and Kate was severely wounded.

Trying to find better cover, Kate rushed forward. The storm of fire missed!

Kate then took out another soldier. A rifleman fired upon her from behind. Miss!

But the defenders surrounded her and blasted away. She could not withstand the assault. She collapsed as well.

Our heroes have failed their mission and are now prisoners of the Frigidair Security forces.

What will become of them? Tune in next time for the Adventures of Kate and Kip!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

Part 1 of Icing the Enemy
A Kate and Kip Adventure

Imperial sympathizers have taken control of the Federation ice planet Frigidair (along with its supply of isotopium, a rare and important element), A Federation expedition is on its way to restore order to the planet. But the Empire has supplied the sympathizers with large proton cannons for orbital defenses. Before the expedition can approach the planet, small teams of agents must disable the cannon controls. Kate and Kip form one of the teams.

Kate and Kip are deposited on the planet close to their target (located inside a cave). Enemy soldiers are on patrol.

Our heroes maneuver to the top of a hill and take out the enemy's advanced scouts. Alerted, the enemy begins to fire back.

Kate rushes into cover behind an icicle bush (actually a plant but its crystalline-looking branches give it its name). Kip follows but he is hit!

Limping, Kip flanks around Kate. She takes out another soldier but laser fire from a nearby hill wounds her.

The last soldier retreats behind a bush. Kate and Kip close in on him.

He runs from cover toward the cave entrance. "Don't let him escape!" yells Kip. But our heroes' shots go wide and the soldier scrambles to safety.

As our heroes approach the cave entrance, Kate gives her partner a concerned look.

"Well, that's going to make things difficult." Kip quips.

Kate rolls her eyes. "Let's see what's in store."

With that, the duo grips their pistols and moves into the cave.

What will they find there? Find out next time with the adventures of Kate and Kip!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Gauntlet

The Thrilling Conclusion of the Rescue of Dr. Zhukov
A Kate and Kip Adventure

Last time, our heroes rendezvoused with Dr. Zhukov. Together, they defeated a raider attack. Then they were able to escape from the ruined city on the planet Devastation. Now they are approaching the landing pad where their ship is.

"Oh, oh." Kip declared. "More raiders."

"Can we make a run for the ship?" Kate asked.

"We can try." Kip replied.

They rushed through the gate in the chain link fence. Kip blasted a raider in front of them while Kate took out one behind them.

Shots rang out from behind some barrels on their right.

"I'm hit!" exclaimed Kip.

Suddenly raiders rushed out from the hanger. One struck Kate with his club. As she staggered backward, she pulled her trigger. Her assailant went down.

Our wounded heroes took cover around the corner of the hanger. Another raider went down.

"We have only one chance. Run for it!" declared Kate. Kip shook his head in affirmation. On the count of three, they rushed toward the ship. Gunfire erupted around them.

One problem. Dr. Zhukov remained behind the hanger.

"Hurry up, Doctor!" screamed Kip. The doctor gathered up his courage and rushed into the open. Shots rang out and struck him.

With Kate and Kip covering him, the doctor ignored the pain and stumbled toward the ship.

He made it in. Kate began to follow him.

She and Kip ducked into the ship. The raiders began shooting the ship, but its shielded hull easily resisted the shots. Kip revved up the engines and blasted off from Devastation.

Soon, our party was back home in Federation space.