Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Templars' Last Stand

A Slipstream Scenario

Following their surprise attack, the minions of evil Queen Anathraxa converge upon the Temple of the Morning Star, home of the fabled Sunstone. The Temple is defended by a band of Seers and two companies of Templars, the mystical knights of Theophilia.

The Seers are surprisingly inert while the Queen's primals rush through a barrage of blaster fire to assault the Temple.

A band of primals and a company of Handmaidens break into the Temple.

But the Templars repulse and annihilate them.

More primals get in and wipe out one company of Templars.

But the Seers come alive. With a powerful psychic blast, they wipe out the primals.

The Queen's minions keep coming!

Another breakthrough!

Primals catch the Seers from the rear. The priests are cut down!

Surrounded and outnumbered, the Templars fight a hopeless battle. Soon, they are also eliminated.

With all opposition gone, a company of Handmaidens strides into the Temple. They part, and Queen Anathraxa steps forward.

"Where is the Sunstone?!" she shouts. Her minions shrug their shoulders.

"THEN FIND IT, YOU FOOLS!" she commands.

The minions proceed to tear the Temple apart, but to no avail. The Sunstone is gone. Just then, one her captains peers through a shattered window. He sees a band of Templars escorting a cart as it rumbles away from the Temple. Shaking, he murmurs "Majesty" and points to the escapees. Anathraxa wheels about and spies the Templars.

"Fools. You let them get away!"

She strikes the unfortunate captain with her scepter. There is a sound of an electrical charge. The captain recoils from the shock then collapses in a heap.

"Get the Sunstone before they escape. NOW!' screams the queen.

Her minions race out the doors and pursue the fleeing Templars.

Will the Templars escape with the Sunstone? Find out next time!

Game Note:
The temple walls are actually from the Hadrian's Wall pack by Brigade Models. It is 1/1000 scale and fits well with 2mm.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Surprise Attack!

A Slipstream Scenario
It is a lovely day on the garden world of Theophilia, home of the mystical Sunstone and the Temple of the Maker. Visitors are wandering the gardens, drinking in the serenity of Theophilia. A group of Seers, the mystical priests of the Maker, are meditating in the gardens (upper left).

With a roar of engines, a fleet of rockets land in the garden. Out pops a horde of primals, the ape-like minions of the evil Queen Anathraxa. The are driven on by some Handmaidens, the Queen's elite warriors. One band of primals slaughters a group of visitors.

 Using their formidable psychic abilities, the Seers destroy a band of primals. Some visitors flee while others hide in the woods or in some of the gazebos situated throughout the gardens.

But seeing the advance of the bloodthirsty primals, the remaining visitors flee. The Queen's Handmaidens rush the Seers, but a psychic blast takes down some of the warriors.

The Handmaidens press on and overrun the Seers. However, the remaining visitors escape from the gardens.

It was a horrible sight - the peace and tranquility of Theophilia shattered by the Queen's invasion force. Some lives were lost - a group of visitors and a band of Seers perished in the assault. Fortunately, most of the visitors escaped.

Game Note:
This is the start of my Slipstream campaign using modified FU (Freeform Universal) rules. I will be posting some thoughts about the rules on my Warwell's Wargames blog (either tomorrow or later next week).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Sunstone

Among the most revered residents of the Slipstream are the followers of the Maker. Their temple located on the fragment Theophilia is a haven for those seeking silent meditation. Races from across Slipstream gather here seeking a sense of peace.

But don't be fooled by outward appearances. The Theophilians are no pushovers; they are protected by the Temple Knights, holy warriors of great skill and mystic abilities. Not only do they keep the peace on the fragment; they also protect the Theophilians prized possession - the Sunstone.

The Sunstone, a large crystal imbued with latent mystical energy, is a rare prize in the universe of the Slipstream. As long as one can remember it has resided at the Temple of the Maker. The Theophilians believe that the Sunstone assists them in their meditations; it also seems to boost their mystic powers. Outsiders believe that one can tap into its mystical energy and access a bountiful supply of power. For this reason, the evil Queen Anathraxa desires the Sunstone.


  • This is an introduction to a new campaign I am starting, based on the Savage Worlds RPG setting Slipstream. Of course, I cannot leave well enough alone and have added my own twist to the setting, as described above.
  • I have some ideas not only for RPG sessions but also for skirmishes, mass battles, etc. I plan to experument with the Freeform Universal (FU) rules, tweaking it to fulfill my needs. Stay tuned for upcoming reports!