Sunday, November 13, 2016

Asteroid Investigation

Part 1 of the Zirconian Intervention

When the Dominion invaded the neutral human planet of Zirconia, the Federation sent agents to the planet in an effort to gather intelligence and aid the human defenders.

Our heroes Kate and Kip have been landed on an asteroid within the Zirconian system. They are investigating strange transmissions from the asteroid.

As they explore, the discover a series of beacons on the asteroid's surface. Alas, the beacons are guarded by robot soldiers.

A general firefight ensues.

Kip destroys one of the robots.

Then he makes a break for one of the beacons, taking a hit on the way. Meanwhile, one of the robots has chased down Kate and is trying to grapple her.

Despite another wound, Kip reaches one of the beacons. It's a decoy! Kate is in trouble as the robot has her in its clutches.

She manages to get her pistol free. She blasts the 'bot. Another circles behind her. Badly wounded, Kip seeks cover in the rocks, and manages to eliminate another robot.

Kip blasts another robot. However, the one behind Kate shoots her down.

Its back is turned on Kip. He wastes no opportunity and blasts the robot.

With the guards out of the way, Kip is able to find and deactivate the real beacon. He then tends to Kate until a shuttle picks them up.