Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Gauntlet

The Thrilling Conclusion of the Rescue of Dr. Zhukov
A Kate and Kip Adventure

Last time, our heroes rendezvoused with Dr. Zhukov. Together, they defeated a raider attack. Then they were able to escape from the ruined city on the planet Devastation. Now they are approaching the landing pad where their ship is.

"Oh, oh." Kip declared. "More raiders."

"Can we make a run for the ship?" Kate asked.

"We can try." Kip replied.

They rushed through the gate in the chain link fence. Kip blasted a raider in front of them while Kate took out one behind them.

Shots rang out from behind some barrels on their right.

"I'm hit!" exclaimed Kip.

Suddenly raiders rushed out from the hanger. One struck Kate with his club. As she staggered backward, she pulled her trigger. Her assailant went down.

Our wounded heroes took cover around the corner of the hanger. Another raider went down.

"We have only one chance. Run for it!" declared Kate. Kip shook his head in affirmation. On the count of three, they rushed toward the ship. Gunfire erupted around them.

One problem. Dr. Zhukov remained behind the hanger.

"Hurry up, Doctor!" screamed Kip. The doctor gathered up his courage and rushed into the open. Shots rang out and struck him.

With Kate and Kip covering him, the doctor ignored the pain and stumbled toward the ship.

He made it in. Kate began to follow him.

She and Kip ducked into the ship. The raiders began shooting the ship, but its shielded hull easily resisted the shots. Kip revved up the engines and blasted off from Devastation.

Soon, our party was back home in Federation space.

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