Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Battle of Icebox Alpha

Part 5 of Icing the Enemy

After an air raid disabled Frigidair's proton cannons, the Federation fleet is able to move into orbit in preparation for a planetary invasion. The last obstacle is a base on the moon jokingly referred to as the Icebox. The Frigidair Planetary Defense has constructed an anti-ship battery at the base. In addition, a cruiser (the Boreas) and a destroyer have been sent to delay the Federation fleet until planetary defenses are prepared.

The Federation has sent a squadron consisting of 2 cruisers (the Endeavor and the Resurgent) and 4 destroyers.

The Federation fleet converges on the moon Icebox

A Federation destroyer launches a reckless attack on the Boreas. It manages to damage the cruiser but is hit in turn. Another Federation destroyer takes damage from the base's battery.

Federation ships converge on the Frigidair destroyer. It uses a moonlet's magnetic field to hide from attacks while it further damages a Federation destroyer.

The Boreas launches its fighter squadron which engages a destroyer. Its anti-fighter guns scatter a Federation fighter squadron. Meanwhile, the moonbase eliminates a destroyer.

The Federation cruisers move into battle. The Endeavor wipes out the enemy fighters.

The Boreas suffers multiple attacks and takes more damage.

The attacks continue until it is destroyed.

The Federation squadron converges on the moon base.

A barrage of laser and torpedo fire erupts until the Resurgent pummels the base into submission

The Federation invasion fleet can now assume orbit and begin debarking troops to restore Federation rule.

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