Monday, March 7, 2016

An Unlucky Day

Part 2 of Icing the Enemy
A Kate and Kip Adventure

Last time, Kate and Kip were able to advance to the mouth of the cave that housed the proton cannon controls. Unfortunately, one of the defenders escaped into the cave to alert his comrades. Yet our heroes had no choice. The fate of the fleet was in their hands. They had to press onward,

Kate and Kip followed the retreating soldier into the cave. Kate turned a corner and saw him fleeing through the icy corridors/ She leveled her blaster. POW! He was down.

But the soldier had raised the alarm, and more defenders converged on our heroes. A hail of laser fire engulfed the duo. Kip was knocked unconscious and Kate was severely wounded.

Trying to find better cover, Kate rushed forward. The storm of fire missed!

Kate then took out another soldier. A rifleman fired upon her from behind. Miss!

But the defenders surrounded her and blasted away. She could not withstand the assault. She collapsed as well.

Our heroes have failed their mission and are now prisoners of the Frigidair Security forces.

What will become of them? Tune in next time for the Adventures of Kate and Kip!

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