Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ice Ice Baby

Part 1 of Icing the Enemy
A Kate and Kip Adventure

Imperial sympathizers have taken control of the Federation ice planet Frigidair (along with its supply of isotopium, a rare and important element), A Federation expedition is on its way to restore order to the planet. But the Empire has supplied the sympathizers with large proton cannons for orbital defenses. Before the expedition can approach the planet, small teams of agents must disable the cannon controls. Kate and Kip form one of the teams.

Kate and Kip are deposited on the planet close to their target (located inside a cave). Enemy soldiers are on patrol.

Our heroes maneuver to the top of a hill and take out the enemy's advanced scouts. Alerted, the enemy begins to fire back.

Kate rushes into cover behind an icicle bush (actually a plant but its crystalline-looking branches give it its name). Kip follows but he is hit!

Limping, Kip flanks around Kate. She takes out another soldier but laser fire from a nearby hill wounds her.

The last soldier retreats behind a bush. Kate and Kip close in on him.

He runs from cover toward the cave entrance. "Don't let him escape!" yells Kip. But our heroes' shots go wide and the soldier scrambles to safety.

As our heroes approach the cave entrance, Kate gives her partner a concerned look.

"Well, that's going to make things difficult." Kip quips.

Kate rolls her eyes. "Let's see what's in store."

With that, the duo grips their pistols and moves into the cave.

What will they find there? Find out next time with the adventures of Kate and Kip!

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