Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dogfight Over Frigidair

Part 3 of Icing the Enemy
A Ray Gunn crossover

Note: Ray Gunn is a recurring character that I've used in starfighter battles that have been featured on the Warwell's Wargames site. He is now part of Kate and Kip's narrative!

The orderly handed the message over to Admiral Warschaw. The admiral ripped it from his hands and scanned it quickly.


His adjutant looked at him. "Something wrong, Admiral?"

"The agents in sector 7 failed their mission. The proton cannon is still operational."

The adjutant nodded. "And we cannot enter orbit until it is knocked out?"

"Correct. This throws our whole timetable off."

The admiral thought for a moment, then made a decision.

"Well, we can't just sit here. Send in the Blue Genies."

"Admiral," the adjutant began. "An air strike could kill the agents."

Momentarily, a look of worry passed across the admiral's eyes, but then he steeled himself.

"It can't be helped; we have to act. Let's hope they move the prisoners to a new location.

Minutes lately, the Blue Genie squadron, with Lts. Ray Gunn and Ty Rowe in the lead, were zooming over the surface of Frigidair en route to the proton cannon in sector 7.

Suddenly, their early warning monitors lit up. "We have 2 V-class light fighters inbound!"

The 2 enemy fighters concentrated on Rowe. He exchanged fire with one, but there were no hits.

The enemies separated. Rowe performed a tight turn and blasted on of the fighters out of the sky. Gunn also got a shot off, but the enemy managed to dodge.

Now the 2 Federation pilots pursued the lone enemy.

Rowe tried a long shot but missed.

After a series of maneuvers, the combatants passed by one another.

The Federation Stingray fighters turned in pursuit.

The V-class fighter turned toward Rowe. Both pilots squeezed their triggers. Rowe was hit! Although blinded by smoke, he kept firing. The lasers tore into the enemy craft until it exploded!

With his damaged ship, Rowe broke off and headed for the carrier. Gunn escorted him back. Yet they had accomplished their mission - the way to the proton cannon was open for the Federation bombers.

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