Saturday, March 12, 2016

Air Raid

Part 4 of Icing the Enemy

Last time, the Blue Genies defeated the Frigidair air defense, freeing the Federation bombers to attack the proton cannon control post (located inside a small hill).

The first wave approaches. Anti aircraft guns are poised to defend the post.

The fireworks begin. Red 2 is hit.

And then destroyed. Red 1 manages to damage one of the AA gun emplacements.

Red 1 flies within range of the control post. Its torpedo slams into the hill but does no damage.

The AA guns get Red 1 in a crossfire. Red 1 is also shot down!

But then the second wave flies into range. Counter-battery missiles take out one of the AA guns.

Blue 1 launches a torpedo but is hit by AA fire. The torpedo slams into the hill.

All 3 craft take a bead on the control post. Blue 1 misses again but Blue 2 and 3 deftly launch their torpedoes into the cave mouth. The ensuing explosions rip apart the control post!
With the proton cannon out of action, the invasion of Frigidair can proceed.

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