Saturday, March 19, 2016

Assault of Hill 531

Part 6 of Icing the Enemy

The Federation destruction of the moonbase known as Icebox Alpha paved the way for the invasion of Frigidar. Shortly afterward, the dropships landed and deployed Federation ground forces. They began their push toward the capital city.

A few miles outside of the capital, the Frigidair Army set up its defenses on Hill 531. The Federation feinted a frontal assault and managed to swing the bulk of its army to the flank.

With support from missile launchers to the south, the Federation armor hit the Frigidair left flank.

Missiles destroyed one of the armor units, but the other (the 253rd regiment) overran Fridigair positions on the hill.

The 253rd continued its rampage. Meanwhile, Frigidair power infantry assaulted the Federation missile launchers.

The missile launchers beat back the attack but the 253rd was pushed off the hill. After much delay, Federation infantry began to converge on the hill.

The 253rd swung around the flank and rolled over two more units.

The final Frigidair infantry deployed force shields and held off attacks.

But the numbers began to take the toll.

And finally the 253rd broke through the last defenses.

The Federation victory broke the back of Frigidait resistance and opened the way to the capital. Motorized units began streaming down the road to the capital.

The 253rd performed sterling service, overrunning numerous enemy units despite a hail of fire. Its efforts earned it the nickname "the Indestructibles."

But what of Federation personnel imprisoned by Frigidair forces? In particular, what became of agents Kate and Kip?

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