Saturday, February 27, 2016

Let's Get Outta Here!

Part 1 of the Rescue of Dr. Zhukov
A Kate and Kip Adventure

The Fringe world now known as Devastation was once a thriving world. Then an Imperial-inspired rebellion led to a nuclear holocaust. Now the planet is a post-apocalyptic nightmare. But for some, it is a dream come true. The noted biologist Doctor Zhukov has completed ground-breaking research on the effects of radiation on planetary ecology. Unfortunately, his expedition was attacked by raiders and the rest of the party killed. He escaped, found refuge in a ruined city, and put out a call for help. Kate and Kip to the rescue!

Kate and Kip find the doctor in the city. They are escorting him to their ship, on the outskirts.

Kate and the doctor slip through a window into a building. From another window, Kate has a clear shot at a raider. She does not miss.

Kip is trying to sneak through the streets when he runs into a patrol. He guns the raider down.

The attacks draw an onslaught of raiders. Kate races across the street into another building. Both our heroes miss shots.

Kip races to join Kate and Zhukov but he is intercepted by club-wielding raiders. He dodges their attacks. Again, our heroes miss.

Kip retreats into another building, pursued by raiders. Kate shoots one down. Suddenly, bursts of gunfire erupt through the windows. Kate is stuck.

Kate and Kip blast a path across the street, allowing Zhukov to retreat to Kip's building. A raider bursts through a window and prepares to shoot at Kate!

Kate rushes to Kip's building, only to run into a pursuing raider. A few of the other raiders, however, have heard enough screaming. They decide to retreat hastily from the battle.

The raiders' leader rushes down the street toward our heroes' hideout. Kip blasts her through one of the windows. Meanwhile, Kate guns down the last raider.

Doctor Zhukov is still safe, for the moment.

What other dangers lurk in the ruined city? Tune in next time for the further adventures of Kate and Kip!

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