Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Goblin's Hold

A Rowan Adventure

It has been a while since I lasted posted an adventure with my fantasy Templar, Rowan. This weekend, I decided to experiment with a virtual tabletop using the same skirmish rules as for my Kate and Kip adventures.

Recently, the Temple has learned that a band of goblins has taken over an abandoned dungeon and have been launching raids against nearby settlements. Our heroes, Rowan the Templar warrior and Jacor the priest have been ordered to stop the raids.

They entered the dungeon to search for and kill the goblin leader (although they did not know it when they entered the dungeon, it was in the room with the cross).

The first room they enter is a guard room. Two goblins are on duty. Our heroes quickly dispatch them.

Along with two more in the adjoining corridor. Jacor used his holy smite power to take out one of the creatures.

The next room was filled with acid-spitting giant worms. One shot of spittle hit Jacor,

The heroes took out two of the worms.

But Jacor was knocked unconscious. The remaining worms ganged up on Rowan but he dispatched them.

After healing, Jacor was ready for more action. The heroes ran into more worms in the next passageway. Jacor had to use a heal to save himself. Again, our heroes sliced through the worms.

The entered a room with a couple of goblin berserkers. Rowan was wounded but killed his opponent. Jacor used his holy power to smite another one.

Finally, they found the lair of the goblin chieftain. He was massive and mean. Furthermore he was accompanied by three bodyguards. Rowan and Jacor managed to kill one bodyguard each. Then the chieftain closed on Jacor and struck him with a powerful blow. Jacor collapsed.

Confronted by two enemies, Rowan circled in a way so that one goblin was obstructed from attacking. This gave him an opportunity to wound the chieftain. The bodyguard finally worked its way into position for an attack. Rowan parried, then buried his blade in its chest. But the chieftain lashed out and struck Rowan. He stumbled back.

The goblin chieftain rushed forward. With a flurry, the blades of the combatants lashed out at each other, but none managed to strike. Rowan could feel himself tiring. With one final effort, he lunged forward. The goblin shifted his shield to block the thrust, but Rowan changed directions and lashed out at its head. The blow struck, and the goblin fell to the ground.

Rowan managed to revive Jacor and carry his wounded friend back to their mounts. Then tired and bleeding but victorious, they rode back to town.

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