Saturday, February 6, 2016

Against the Antares

Part 1 - It's Terminal

The Antares is notorious on the fringe reaches of Federation space. Its captain, Mal Evolent, will do anything to anyone or for anyone, if the price is right. He and his crew of incorrigbles are not to be trifled with lightly.

Word reached the Federation government that Mal had been engaging in treasonous activities with the hostile Imperials. Unfortunately, the evidence was not admissible in a court of law. Therefore, the Federation Secret Service devised a plan to neutralize him. Our heroes, Kate and Kip drew the assignment. Their mission, destroy the Antares.

They tracked the Antares to a seedy spaceport on one of the free worlds along the border between the Federation and Empire. Surreptitiously, they landed and made their way through the spaceport's terminal toward the Antares' dock. Near the end of the terminal, they discovered that they had company - members of Mal's crew.

"Just act casual," Kip whispered to Kate. "Perhaps they won't pay attention to us." Kate nodded and they casually sauntered toward the terminal doors.

They did not get far when one of the thugs challenged Kate, pistol drawn.
"Where ya headin', missy?" Kate mumbled a response about looking for work. Something struck the thug wrong, however, for he leveled his pistol at her. Kate ducked and he missed.

A firefight ensued. Kate backed up, trying to find cover behind a counter. The thug loosed another round, which struck her in the thigh. Meanwhile, two more thugs engaged Kip. He blasted one.

Kate and the thug exchanged another round of shots. She was wounded again but she took out her opponent.

She hobbled forward and blasted another thug trying to hide behind a counter.

Meanwhile, Kip had found cover behind a chair in the terminal lounge. He exchanged shots with another crew member. Finally, Kip neutralized his target.

Separated by a counter, Kate and the last thug shot at each other while Kip rushed to her aid.

Kip circled behind the counter.

And finally eliminated the thug.

Kate slumped to the floor. Kip rushed over to her.

"Perhaps we should abort the mission," Kip said, worry in his eyes.

"No, I'll be fine," she said as she dressed her wounds and administered a stimpack. "Let's go." she stated as she drew herself up, using the counter to steady herself. She limped over to the terminal door, pistol at the ready. Kip joined her.

"This is turning out more difficult than we thought." Kip said.

Kate nodded and readied herself to burst through the door. "Ready?" Kip gave her a thumbs up.
"On three. One . . . Two . . . THREE!"

What happens when they rush through the doors? Find out next time!

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