Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Space Escape

The Thrilling Conclusion to Escape from the Empire (A Kate and Kip Adventure)

In our last episode, Kate and Kip managed to shoot their way through the docking bay. They made it to their ship and blasted away from the space station.

Suddenly, an alarm went off. Kate checked the sensors. "Oh, oh! We have company!" she exclaimed. Two Imperial fighters were on their tail.

Kip opened up the throttle and they began to outrun the pursuers. "Hurry up with those navigation calculations!" he exclaimed.

The enemy began to fire. Our heroes' ship was suddenly rocked by a large explosion. The engine and guns were damaged!

One of the enemy ships drew closer. Gunnery was ineffective across the board.

Kate scrambled to repair the damage to their ship. She managed to get the engines back to full thrust. Kip engaged one of the Imperials with the rotating laser turret. He hit!

The damaged fighter dropped back but the other enemy pulled closer.

With the engines repaired, Kip pushed the ship to its limits. The damaged enemy could not keep pace and dropped out of sensor range.

Finally, Kate completed the navigation computations. Kip fed them into the systems control and the little ship lurched into hyperwarp!

Kate and Kip jumped out of the system and headed home. They would reach HQ without incident and return the intelligence to the Chief. Another mission complete!

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