Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kate Saves the Day!

Part 2 of Against the Antares

Last time, Kate (still suffering from one of the wounds she received) and Kip defeated the thugs in the terminal, and readied themselves to rush through the doors to the tarmac where the Antares lay in wait.

"On three. One . . . Two . . . THREE!"

They rushed through the door and Captain Mal Evolent and his remaining crew ready to receive the attack. Kate veered left and Kip went right, each ducking behind a storage container. Two thugs converged on Kip; one of their shots wounded him.

Kip returned fire and blasted one of the thugs. His partner moved around the container and shot at point-blank range. Kip was down!

Kate had advanced toward her target, the Antares.

But finding herself surrounded by 3 of the scavengers, she retreated to cover. She managed to shoot down one of the assailants.

Mal and his right-hand man Pug, armed with a heavy blaster, poured fire at Kate.

Her return fire took out Pug. Captain Mal circled around the loading cart and fired. The shot struck Kate in the side. She slumped and winced in pain. But she knew that if she succumbed that it would be curtains!

As Mal prepared to rush her position, Kate took a desperate shot. It was dead-on accurate, and Mal collapsed.

Kate hobbled over to the Antares and tossed a plasma grenade into the ship. She then dragged an unconscious Kip into the terminal, where she administered first aid. A minute later an explosion rocked the terminal. The Antares was no more.

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