Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Kobold Caverns

A Rowan Adventure

Our heroes, the Templar Rowan, the druidess Lyla, the assassin Snake, and the priest Jacor, learned that kobolds claimed an ancient dwarven mine and were launching raids on the neighboring villages. They were assigned the task of infiltrating the mine and ending the kobold menace.

Here is Rowan's report:

We made our way safely to the entrance to the mine and entered. As we meandered through the caverns we were beset by a horde of kobolds. We managed to beat them off with no difficulty. As we entered the next, rough-hewn cavern we heard a rumbling sound. Suddenly rocks began falling upon us. My comrades managed to dodge clear but a large rock struck me upon the head. I was knocked to the ground and received a mild concussion.

We continued through the caverns, more kobolds. We also encountered swarms of rat but Lyla charmed them and sent them away. Then we entered a barren room. From a corner we heard clanking sounds. An ancient dwarven construct rose up and attacked. We battled it but it knocked me to the ground. As it directed its attention to me the Snake sneaked around behind it. With a precision strike, he thrust his blade into one of the servos, crippling the machine.

Proceeding forward we entered the cavern of the Kobold King. He was several times larger than the usual kobold and towered above us. He wielded a large spiked club. He struck me with it and I was knocked unconscious. He then turned upon Snake and Lyla. Jacor took the opportunity to heal me and I stood up groggily. I returned to the fray and together we took him down.

At this time, we were wounded and in need of rest. We established, set the watch, and rested up. After a day, we were attacked by more kobolds but killed them.

We reached a mine shaft and lowered ourselves down, reaching the lower level of the mine. We encountered a pair of rock men and with difficulty defeated them. We meandered through more passages; fortunately we encountered no more foes. Finally, we entered a huge cavern. In the center was a pile of treasure, and upon it sat a fire serpent, a large dragon-like creature.

We immediately went upon  the attack. It struck me, then struck Lyla and Snake. It then reared back and belched fire upon us. The flames licked upon us and seared our skin. Jacor healed when he could, keeping us in the fight. We managed to get in some telling blows. I then rushed in and with a mightly lunge struck deep into the wyrm's vitals. He thrashed around, giving Lyla the opportunity to send a hail of rock-hard thorns into the beast's heart. With a roar, it collapsed and breathed its last.

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