Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Silver Psalter

After a very long hiatus, we finally finished the quest for the Sliver Psalter.

 In the last report, the party had been attacked by goblins during the night and then finally reached the ruins of the Monastery of St. Magnus.

Here is Brother Rowan's report:

Once we reached the monastery we poked through the ruins but found nothing of significance. We then decided to proceed into the monastery's catacombs.We wound through the twisting corridors until we heard a clanking, metallic noise above us. Looking up, we could see a metal with with sharpened iron spikes falling toward us. Lyla the druid and Jacor the priest managed to dive clear but Snake the reformed assassin and I were wounded when the spikes impaled our limbs. Fortunately Jacor was able to heal us and we could proceed. We then ran into a party of goblins but we dispatched them without much difficulty. We found that they were guarding a room with human captives chained to the wall. After we released them they told us that the captives were being used in human sacrifices. They also warned us of a giant spider in a nearby room. We avoided that path and went in another direction.

A little way further into the catacombs, we ran into three slavering worgs. After a mighty battle, we dispatched the dread beasts. Then we walked into a lair with more worgs forcing us to fight another pitched battle. After a little rest and recuperation, we were able to proceed.

Eventually, we found our way into a room used by the goblins. Tables and chair were strewn around. Only one goblin was in the room, but he was a major threat. Sitting upon what looked like a wooden throne was a massive, brutish goblin. When he saw us, he bellowed in rage and attacked with two spiked flails. I was able to block an attack with my shield, leaving the brute open to attack. My comrades did not hesitate. Under our assaults, the goblin lord fell. It was in this room that we found the blessed sword that is now in my possession.

The goblin lord was protecting the entrance to the crypts one level below. We climbed down the stairs into this lower level. In our first encounter on this level, we found ourselves engulfed in smoke. The odor of sulfur filled the air. Then the smoke parted and a demonic creature attacked. He grabbed me by the throat, nearly strangling me, until he threw me to the floor. The rest of the party responded. Jacor called upon the judgment of the Lord to smite the entity while Lyla used the power of nature to scourge its material form. Snake was able to sneak around and backstab it. With their attacks distracting the demon, I was able to rise and strike it as well. Together, we were able to vanquish the fell creature.

Throughout this level, we encountered a number of demonic or undead beings, including skeletons, imps, and hellish hounds, until we finally found our way into a crypt filled with tombs. In this crypt was a man on robes surrounded by animated corpses. Horrifyingly, this necromancer was raising the deceased as zombies!

We rushed to the attack, but the zombies blocked our path to the necromancer. Snake and I tried to cut through them while Jacor and Lyla used their powers to strike the necromancer. We began to take wounds so Jacor had to switch to healing. Whenever we would destroy one of the zombies, another would take its place. The powers of the priest and druid won out, however, and the necromancer fell. From then on, it was not difficult to mop up the remaining zombies. Searching the necromancer, we found the Silver Psalter, which we have duly returned to the Temple. 

Game note - the general "plot" was inspired by an adventure written for the Dead Simple RPG. Go the Dead Simple page for some great stuff.

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