Sunday, September 1, 2013

An Attack during the Night

An excerpt from Brother Rowan's journal

Last night, we suffered an attack by a party of goblins.

We had been marching north along the Farmer's Road for two days. As evening approached, we came upon a burnt village. Brother Rolf explained that goblins have been raiding the settlements. Wary that they might return, we camped in the fields and lit no fire.

Later that night, we heard the howling of wolves. They grew closer to our camp. We prayed that they would pass us by, but the wolves must have caught our scent. Before we knew it, a bunch of goblins, accompanied by the wolves, attacked. Fortunately, we were ready for them.

Lysa tapped into the power of the earth, causing a tremor that knocked down the foe. In their confusion, she slew one of those bestial humanoids. I anchored the left flank, managing to kill a goblin and a wolf. Brother Jacor, however, was mauled by a wolf. I came to his aid and smote his opponent. Lyla and Snake managed to take down the rest of the attackers.

It is now morning and we are prepared to leave the road and travel westward to the monastery.

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