Saturday, August 31, 2013

A New Adventure - Report 1

A game report from last week. What began as a solo campaign has expanded as my wife and brother in law have joined the party. My wife runs a druid named Lyla (who made an appearance in my previous adventure) and my brother in law is a reformed assassin named Snake.

To the Prefect of the Scotsile Temple:


I am pleased to report that my two new companions, Lyla and Snake, have proved their usefulness. We arrived in Hathaway and, as directed, immediately sought out Brother Rolf at the local temple. From the pastor there, we learned that Brother Rolf has developed a propensity to drown his sorrows at the local inn. We found him there, slumped in a corner and were heading to him when one of our party bumped into a giant of a man. This brawny thug got angry and was about to get physical, but Lyla used her druidic powers to charm him. He then blurted out that he and his companion, a sneaky man wrapped in a cloak, were actually sent to murder us. At this, the sneaky man drew a sword and rushed at Brother Rolf. Snake, who had managed to sneak behind the man, stabbed him. The wounded man turned on Snake, but Lyla charmed him. At this point, the authorities arrived and took the men into custody.

After interrogation, we learned that the men were hired by one Vincenzo, who does not wish us to proceed to the Monastery of St. Magnus. Other than that, they provided little. We now depart for the monastery expecting danger.

I will report again when I can.

Your brother,
Rowan of Scotsile

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