Thursday, September 5, 2013

Into the Temple

Part 2 of my Space Templar Adventure

After the battle with the ape creature, Tee carried Rugen to a small, secluded clearing in the jungle. There, they spent the night while Tee used a med kit to heal his companion's wounds.

The next day, they set out, rested and recovered. They managed to slip by the guards patrolling the perimeter and sneaked into the temple itself. 

The duo managed to blend in among the throng of worshipers, all clad in the same rough-spun cloth.

Ducking into one room to avoid some guards, they found themselves in a room filled with caged prisoners of many races from throughout the galaxy. Many had been beaten and abused. All looked like they had lost hope. Tee motioned Rugen to exit the room. Rugen hesitated. He wished to help, but to release the prisoners would be to risk their mission. One prisoner saw his hesitation and croaked out: "help." Rugen went to the man and spoke briefly with him. He explained that the prisoners were being used as sacrifices to the dark god Zircon. The princess had been there, but recently was taken away. The rest of the prisoners were doomed to share her fate. Rugen decided to act, whatever the cost. They could at least open the cages before they continued their search for the princess. Rugen gave the command and Tee was able to hack into the security grid, opening the cages. Then, they hurried out. Rugen hoped to return to provide more aid once the princess was rescued.

After a few wrong turns, the found the stairs to the crypts. Four guards armed with laser rifles blocked the staircase. There was nothing to do but fight. Rugen switched on his stun sword, leaped at the enemy, and with a spinning attack felled two of the guards. Tee began blasting away with his stun ray. The remaining two guards leveled their lasers and snapped off wild shots, one hitting Tee. The blast burnt through his borrowed robes and scorched his metal skin. Tee returned fire and another guard went down. Rugen faced the last guard, who continued to fire. Rugen dodged the shots, although another hit Tee.

"Back off, Tee!" Rugen commanded his damaged companion. Rugen struck at the guard, slashing his rifle and sending it skidding across the floor. The guard rushed Rugen, burly hands ready to crush the life out of him. Rugen ducked, tripped the guard, then dazed him with his stun sword. Their path to the crypts lay open!

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