Saturday, November 29, 2014


The Thrilling Conclusion to the Arena of Xarxes

In our last episode, Rugen and Tee, with assistance from a Federation spy posing as a guard, escape from the arena.

Our trio of heroes rushed through the crowded streets of the city, anxiously looking behind for signs of pursuit. Fortunately, they saw no one chasing them, yet.

"Where are we heading?" Rugen asked, confused because they were heading away from the starport.

Their friend replied, "I have a ship on the outskirts of town, where the authorities won't think to look."

Shortly thereafter, they approached a dilapidated junk yard. "In there," the spy pointed. Just then, they noticed a pair of police patrolling the street among the crowds moving to and fro.

"Let's cross casually. They may not notice us," stated their rescuer. Rugen nervously nodded agreement. They hid their weapons and as nonchalantly as possible they crossed the road. As they approached the entrance to the junkyard, they heard a man call to them to stop. It was one of the patrolmen.

"Inside!" yelled the spy as he opened the gate. Rugen and Tee rushed in while their friend pulled out his blaster and began shooting at the police. Winged by a shot, the officer went down, calling for assistance. The trio began running for the scout ship hidden in the yard. The second officer pursued, and began shooting at the fleeing Federation operatives. Bolts of energy whizzed by them but they safely made it to the ship, ran up the open gangplank, and closed the hatch behind them. The spy jumped into the pilot's seat and began flight preparations. Rugen manned the mini-laser turret and returned fire on the Xarxes officer, who fled for safety. The engines roared to life and with a jolt the ship catapulted into the sky!

Soon they were in orbit with no hint of pursuit.

"It won't be long until they are after us." stated the spy as he began making calculations for hyperwarp.

"Let me," stated Tee as he settled into the navigators spot. Tee then began making calculations to take them back to Federation space.

Their respite was not long. Within minutes, an Imperial fighter flew into view, rapidly gaining on them. Rugen yelled a warning, then opened fire. His shots were true, and the fighter spun off into space. Another fighter rushed by its stricken comrade. Laser bolts lanced from its cannons, tracers whizzing by our trio's scout.

"Almost got it," stated Tee.

The spy began evasive maneuvers. The enemy fighter could not get a lock on the scout. Rugen returned fire, but lacked his earlier success. Then, without warning, the scout bucked and the stars seemed to spin. Hyperwarp! They were free from the Arena of Xarxes and headed to Federation space!


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