Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Fly in the Ointment

Episode 6 of Plans Go Awry

Last episode, our heroes made their way to the A Wing Docks. Tee punched a code into the hatch's control panel and the door slid open.

Looking into the dock's passageway, Rugen could see about a dozen humans and humanoid sitting on the floor. Their hands were bound and they wore a defeated look on their faces. They turned toward the opening door. Puzzled looks crossed their faces.

"Don't worry, we're here to help." stated Rugen as he approached one of the captives.

A man at the far end of the line of prisoners shook his head. "Run while you can. We're lost already."

Before Rugen could respond, an airlock to a docked ship opened. Two laser-armed "bugs entered the passageway. Upon spotting Rugen and Tee, they leveled their rifles and fired. A glancing shot hit Tee in the opening fusillade; he stumbled backward. Rugen rushed forward, using his power sword to deflect the enemy' shots. He lunged and struck one of the bugs, stunning it. He then engaged the other. It used its rifle like a club, swinging wildly and forcing Rugen to duck and dodge.

Recovered, Tee began to shoot at the bugs. Regaining its senses, the first bug squeezed off a shot. It struck Tee in the chest, sparking a series of short circuits. Tee had to pause to perform repairs on his systems. This left Rugen fending off the attacks of two bugs. He sidestepped, spun, and thrust home. The sparking blade found a gap in a bug's chitin. It collapsed in a heap.

Tee returned to the action. His shot hit the bug. It staggered away, stunned. Rugen leaped in, and with a powerful slice, cut off its head.

Our heroes stood on the passageway, Rugen panting with his exertions. Suddenly, there was an ear-shattering roar. A massive bug, standing nearly twice the height of the others, rushed into the passageway. Instead of a rifle, it was armed with a long staff, each end glowing with power.

The monster bug rushed forward with amazing speed. It performed two quick slashes with its staff. Rugen was able to block one end of the staff, but then the other whipped around and struck him in the leg. With a cry of pain, Rugen fell to the ground. The acrid smell of seared flesh filled the room. The bug lifted its blade above its head and then slashed down. Rugen rolled out of the way and the staff cracked against the ground. Tee rushed forward and body slammed the bug. It staggered backward a few paces. Tee then blasted it a point-blank range. The bug howled in pain.

Rugen regained his feet. Favoring his wounded leg, Rugen managed a thrust that penetrated deeply into the bug. Yet it did not fall. In a rage, it swiped Rugen with one of its arms. Rugen fell backward into a heap, his power sword clattering to the floor.

The bug rushed the fallen Rugen but Tee unleashed another salvo of shots that sent the bug reeling. Rugen scrambled to his feet, grapped his sword, and lunged upward at the creature. The blade cut into the beast's neck and penetrated all the way into the brain. The bug collapsed to the ground.

As Rugen regained his feet, Tee nodded in approval.

"Let's get these people out of here," Rugen stated

Will our heroes escape from the station? And will they find the missing plans?
Find out next episode.

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