Saturday, February 23, 2013


I've been enjoying sharing my gaming experiences on my Warwell Wargames blog. I mentioned that I'm suffering from GADD (Gamer's Attentive Deficit Disorder) and this new blog is another symptom. I plan to experiment with some solo role playing using Mythic and QUERP. I originally planned to post about it on my Warwell blog, but I decided I wanted to keep the RPG information contained. Therefore, I decided to set up a new blog.

The title of this blog gets its name from a character class in QUERP. Templars are QUERP's version of paladins. I like the name Templar so I decided to incorporate it into my campaign. In my world, Templars are knights who defend the temples of the supreme god. They also act as knights errant, roaming the land, righting wrongs, and dispensing justice. My main character is a Templar and these are his tales.

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