Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Valley of Spirits - Epilogue

After their adventure in Philadelphia, our heroes learned that, behind the war between Crown and colonies, there is a secret conflict raging. The powers of darkness, led by a mysterious figure known simply as "the Master," are trying to gain control of the world. During the party's mission, the Wizard revealed that King George III was in thrall to the Master. The Master's grip seems to be steadily increasing, to the consternation of freedom-loving peoples across the globe.

All is not lost. Posing as a fraternal organization, the Freemasons actually front a super-secret society dedicated to the preservation of goodness in the world. They are highly skilled in both mystical and technological arts, which they employ in their struggle against the Master and his minions. The American Revolution has become a proxy war in this battle between good and evil. Many of the top patriot leaders, like Washington and Franklin, are operatives of the Freemasons. Only their efforts can stop the spread of the Master's influence on the American continent.

With their successes, our heroes have been made initiates into the Freemasons and are learning new skills. Dr. McCoy is being instructed in the art of alchemy while Snake is dabbling in magic. Rufus prefers to stay away from all this mumbo-jumbo. Instead, he is perfecting his skills in woodcraft. Nevertheless, all three are sharpening their abilities for their next encounter with the forces of evil.

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