Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Wizard

Being the Fourth Episode of the Finding Franklin Adventure

Last time, our heroes encountered Molly and her cohorts in the cellar before finding and opening a secret door.

They encounter the room and find themselves in a large laboratory. There are vials and containers filled with steaming fluids. Complicated gadgetry, buzzing with electricity, line the walls. There are several tables with a white sheet covering lumpy objects. The stench of death fills the room.

The doctor goes to one of the tables and lifts the sheet. It is a body, ashen white and beginning to decay. McCoy begins to examine it when suddenly, its eyes open. Its hand lunges for the doctor but he backs away. The corpse gets off the table and begins to shamble toward the doctor. He fends it off with his sword cane.

Two more corpses come to life and begin to advance. Snake pulls out her revolving pistol (which she un-jammed after defeating the rats) and blasts away. Her shot nearly blows the head off one of the creatures. It falls.

Rufus uses his cane and bludgeons the next one to a pulp. The doctor then dispatches the last.

At the far end of the room is a door. They head to it, listen, and then open it. They enter a small library. There is a man at a desk at the far end. The party raises their weapons.

"So, you made it," says the man. "Pity that all your efforts shall go to waste."

"Are you the Wizard?" the doctor asks.

"Indeed, I am. And meeting me spells your doom. Unless?"

"Unless what?" responded the doctor.

"Surrender to me and serve the Master. That way, I shall spare your pitiful lives for as long as you are useful to the Master."

Rufus shouts, "We will never serve King George!"

The Wizard bursts into a sinister, ominous laugh. "King George? That buffoon? He is no master. No, he is merely a pawn that serves my Master, who is true power on earth."

"Who is your master?" asks the doctor.

"Join me, and find out," states the Wizard.

"Never!" yells Rufus. "Liberty or death!"

"Then you shall DIE!"

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.

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