Monday, July 13, 2015

A Death in the Library

Being the thrilling conclusion of the Finding Franklin adventure

Last time, our heroes made their way into a secret library, where they encountered the Wizard. He commanded them to surrender, or die. Our story continues:

While the Wizard was conversing with Rufus and the doctor, Snake began to sneak through the room. She was able to creep up right next to the Wizard. Just as he threatened Rufus, she grasped the Wizard and put her knife to his throat.

But it was too late. The Wizard snapped his fingers; smoke and an acrid stench rose from the ground. Once the smoke cleared, two demonic figures stood in the room, fangs dripping with saliva and claws ready to strike. Our heroes were momentarily stunned, their mouths open in astonishment.

The Wizard used the distraction to spin away from Snake's grip. He turned, faced her, and began to chant an incantation. Meanwhile, the demons leaped upon Rufus and McCoy and began to rend their flesh.

The Wizard's movement snapped Snake out of her shock. Seeing her enemy preparing to cast some hex on her, she pulled out her revolving pistol and fired. The ball slammed into the Wizard's shoulder. He stumbled back against one of the shelves. Books rained down on him. Snake fired again. This time, the Wizard collapsed to the floor.

"I guess your magic is no match for modern technology." she quipped.

Despite suffering a couple of severe wounds, Rufus managed to finish off the demon attacking him.The doctor, also wounded, was being pressed back by the other beastly figure. Rufus and Snake turned on it. A hail of bullets dropped it.

The doctor tended to the party's wounds, then checked on the Wizard. He was still alive, barely.

"Can he talk?" Rufus asked.

"I can try to revive him." McCoy stated. He proceeded to work, and in a few minutes, the Wizard began to come to. The doctor asked where Franklin was being held, but the Wizard refused to speak. Then Snake spoke up: "Gentlemen, look at this!"

Rufus and McCoy looked at a letter and map that she held.

"Where did you find those?" Rufus asked.

"Courtesy of the Wizard himself. At least his pocket." she answered.

"I can't make heads nor tails of it," Rufus complained.

"Clearly in some kind of code," stated the doctor. "I could decipher it but it will take time. We should take this back to headquarters."

"What about him?" asked Rufus.

"Leave him, I guess." said the doctor.

"I don't much fancy an angry wizard looking to avenge himself against us."

This led to a spirited debate. After a time, the doctor walked into the laboratory then returned with a syringe. He injected the Wizard with it.

"That should solve our problem," the doctor stated.

With the Wizard defeated and papers in hand, our heroes sneaked out of the house, made their way out of Philadelphia, and returned to headquarters.

The End 
(of this adventure. There will be more to come, however.)

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