Monday, July 6, 2015

The Bronze Man

Being the Second Episode of the Finding Franklin Adventure

Last time, our party captured and interrogated a British officer inside Ben Franklin's home. They learned that another man is in the house - his name is "The Wizard."

The party binds and gags the officer and stuffs him in a closet. They proceed to search the first floor for clues to Franklin's disappearance but are unsuccessful. They do find a couple of canes that appear useful. One is a sword cane and the other is a heavy cane with a large brass knob, which appears like it could be used as a mace.

After some debate, our heroes decide to explore the upper floors first. On the second floor, they find a number of closed doors. Rufus reaches for the first doorknob but feels a prick of electricity. He recoils from the minor shock. The doctor investigates the door and finds that it has been booby-trapped with an electrified field.

"Thanks goodness you did not grasp that knob, Rufus." the doctor declares.


"You would have been electrocuted."

As McCoy examines the knob, he mutters "It appears that Franklin's experiments with electricity have yielded some fruit."

Fortunately, the doctor is able to deactivate the trap (along with others similarly rigged). There are no enemies on the second floor. A thorough search reveals no clues but in a workshop that Franklin must have used for tinkering they find an unusual pistol. It has four barrels that revolve when the trigger is pulled. Snake takes this item and loads it up.

As they proceed to the third floor they are startled by a sentry at the top of the stairs. The figure, however, does not move. Then they notice that it is made of bronze. An unusual statue. The doctor approaches and begins to examine it. Suddenly, its eyes open! Startled, the doctor begins to back away. The thing's arm swings at the doctor. It does a grazing blow that knocks McCoy against the wall.

Snake draws a bead with her pistol and fires. The bullet penetrates the bronze torso. There is the sound of rending machinery. Yet the thing still moves. It turns on Snake and swings its fist. She ducks under the blow and leaps to the top of the stairs behind the thing. Rufus rushes up and clubs the automaton's head with his heavy cane. Part of the bronze skull caves in. Snake fires again. The shot penetrates and knocks the thing off its feet. It tumbles down the stairs, breaking into pieces, and then lies still at the bottom.

"Another experiment, it appears," states the doctor.

The part reaches the third floor and searches the rooms. They find a number of bedrooms. In one, Snake reaches into a fireplace and feels something. She pulls the item out. It appears to be a doorknob. There is a triangular shaft with a heavy crystal knob. Strange marking are carved into the crystal.

"This appears to be useful," states Snake.

"Perhaps," says Rufus, "but for what?"

Find out next time!

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