Sunday, July 5, 2015

Finding Franklin

Being the First Adventure of a Colonial Gothic-ish adventure
Episode 1 of "Finding Franklin"

The year is 1778.
The British control Philadelphia and the Continental Army is in tatters.
Even worse, word arrived that Ben Franklin is missing!

Major Benjamin Tallmadge, head of intelligence of the George Washington's army, has sent for 3 agents who have rendered valuable service to the Patriot cause. Their mission: sneak into enemy-held Philadelphia, break into Ben Franklin's home, and search for clues to his disappearance.

The 3 agents are:

  • Rufus MacLoud - the soldier. He has extensive experience fighting both the British and the natives. Skilled with the tomahawk and musket.
  • Snake - the female rogue. Her past is mysterious but she excels at stealth and picking locks.
  • Dr. McCoy - A learned and capable physician. He can tend to wounds and his base scientific knowledge should come in handy.
The party sneaks into Philadelphia without incident and make contact with agents in the city. They learn that Franklin's house is unoccupied but that the British guard the house. The party decides to sneak in on the night of the new moon. That evening, they learn that 2 men entered the house; no one saw them leave.

After midnight, the party sets off. They manage to climb the wall surrounding the home and enter the back yard. From here they sneak to the house and open one of the windows. Snake makes it in, but McCoy slips and falls as he tries to climb in. From around the corner of the house, they hear footsteps and a voice call out "who's there?"

Rufus and McCoy dive for the bushes just as the sentry turns the corner, musket leveled. "Come out," he calls, "I know you're around here." He is looking around but is unsure of where the agents are. Then, he spots McCoy. He advances, again commanding "Come out!" McCoy steps out of the bushes, hands raised. The sentry approaches, passing Rufus's hiding spot. Rufus readies his tomahawk, creeps out of the bushes and come up behind the sentry. He steps on a twig. Crack.

The sentry hears the sound and turns quickly. Rufus, however, grabs the sentry's musket and rips it from his hands. Then, Dr. McCoy pulls out his dagger and clubs the sentry on the back of the head with the pommel. The sentry collapses.

The Doctor and Rufus bind and gag the sentry and hide him in the bushes. Then they climb into the window and, with Snake, find themselves in the dining room. From the adjacent room, they hear the sounds of a man snoring. Snake peeks in. On a sofa is a British officer, asleep. He wears a sword and a pistol is on a table next to him.

Snake sneaks up on him, Very carefully, she takes his sword from the scabbard. She places her dagger at his throat, and then puts her hand over his mouth.

The officer wakes and begins to struggle, but Snake presses the point of the dagger into his throat and whispers a threat. He grows still.

She begins to interrogate him. He does not know anything about Franklin's disappearance. He is just here to guard someone interested in Franklin's research.

"Where is he now?" Snake asks.

At first he refuses to talk, but Snake presses the dagger a little deeper. "Where is he?" she demands.

"In the cellar," the officer finally admits.

"Who is he?" she asks.

The officer doesn't know much, but he tells her "They call him 'The Wizard.'"

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