Thursday, July 9, 2015


Being the Third Episode of the Finding Franklin Adventure

Last time, our heroes headed to the upstairs of Ben Franklin's home. They defeated a bronze automaton and discovered a strange item that looks like a doorknob.

Having explored the upstairs, the party heads downstairs. In the kitchen, they find doors to the cellar. Snake listens at the door and hears a shuffling sound.

"Something's down there," she announces. Dr. McCoy and Rufus prepare their weapons. Snake flings open the doors and the party rushes into the cellar. Looking around, they see a hideous sight. There are four rats scurrying around, looking for food. But these are no ordinary rats - they are as big as a dog!

"Those are not natural," states the doctor. "They appear to be the result of some bizarre biological experiment!"

"Nevertheless, they are poor animals. Let's leave them be." responds Snake.

At the moment, noticing the party, the four giant rats rush up the stairs at the party. Rufus, at the head of the party, bears the brunt of the attack. Swinging his heavy cane like a mace, he manages to keep them at bay, and even wounds one with an overhand smash.

The doctor rushes in, his sword cane stabbing at the beasts. Snake, however, hesitates.

"We need your help, lassie," yells Rufus.

Snake responds, draws a bead with her revolving pistol, and pulls the trigger. Nothing!

"It's jammed!"

"We still need you!" Rufus hollers as his cane incapacitates one the rats.

Snake pulls out her other pistol and fires. Her shot hits and the rat falls dead. The doctor skewers another rat. There is only one left. Frightened by the loss of its comrades, it flees, finding a place to hide among the boxes in the cellar.

"Right, let's go finish it off." Rufus says as he begins to stride toward the rat's hideaway.

"Wait," said Snake, as she grasps his arm. "I don't think it's going to try to hurt anyone anymore. Just let it be."

Rufus scowls at her feminine sentimentality, which is at odds with the toughness she has shown so far.

"She is probably right," replies the doctor. "Even animals learn to avoid deadly danger. We should be fine."

"Yes, let's leave Molly alone," adds Snake.

"Molly?" ask Rufus and McCoy in unison.

"That's what I named her," states Snake.

Rufus rolls his eyes but yields. They begin searching the room for some sign of the "Wizard" but there is no one, or nothing else in the cellar.

Finally, Snake lets out an "aha!"

Rufus and the doctor turn. Snake is pointing to one of the walls. Faintly visible is the line of a doorway. There is no way to open it, though.

"The knob we found upstairs!" exclaims McCoy.

Snake takes it out.

"But how does it fit into the door?" asks the doctor.

"I guess we just have to try it out," states Snake. She begins to manipulate the knob in the region of the door where one would expect it to go. After a few minutes, there is a distinct click and the knob fits into a hole that was not visible to the eye. With a twist of her wrist, Snake turns the knob. The door creaks open.

Find out what's on the other side, next time!

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  1. During the game, I don't record all the dialogue, just the major events. As a result, I've had to create dialogue for dramatic effect. Snake (played by my wife) DID save the last rat and name it Molly.