Saturday, October 17, 2015

Going Out with a Bang

The Thrilling Conclusion of "Terror in Manhattan"

Last episode, our heroes defeated the golem and discovered a golden heart. The path to the staircase was now clear and the trio proceeded to the second floor. They opened the door into another storeroom with boxes and barrels scattered throughout. Down the middle was a path to a door on the far end of the room.

Suddenly the door opened and a human figure appeared, illuminated by the light from the other room.

"So, you made it past the protector. Well, you won't make it past me!" the man said as he tossed a vial of some liquid toward the trio. The vial crashed to the floor, and a blinding light flashed. Our heroes shielded their eyes but were unable to act for a second.

When their eyes adjusted, the trio could see the man tossing another vial. When this one landed a wall of flames erupted. Snake leaped forward but Rufus and the doctor jumped back toward the entrance.

All three pulled out their pistols and unloaded a fusillade of shots. Some struck the enemy and he staggered back. He pulled out another vial and drank it. Miraculously, his bleeding stopped and his wounds healed before their very eyes.

Rufus and the doctor were reloading their pistols while the man reached for another vial.

"Snake, stop him!" yelled the doctor.

Snake pulled out her dagger and rushed forward, intent on skewering her enemy. He brought the vial up, and emptied the contents in his mouth. Suddenly, he disappeared.

Snake assumed that he ducked into the next room. She rushed forward but did not see him. By now, the flames had died down and the rest of the party joined her. Though they looked around, they could not find him. He had escaped.

"Well," the doctor concluded, "let's hurry up and complete our mission."

For several minutes, they ransacked the room. For the most part, what they found was quite ordinary - invoices and inventory of military supplies. However, tucked behind a desk, Snake found an intriguing item. It was an elaborate and antique wooden box. Snake picked the lock. Our heroes gazed inside.

The box contained a velvet interior with a vial and a book secured inside. The vial was clear, with a clear liquid inside.

"Should we taste it?" asked Rufus.

"Let's check the book first." Doctor McCoy advised.

Gingerly, the doctor removed the age-worn book. It appeared to be centuries old. Carefully, he opened the book and read the title on the frontispiece. One phrase struck the doctor's attention.

"Fuente de la Juventud!" he whispered in awe.

"What the devil does that mean?" asked Rufus.

"The Fountain of Youth." the doctor replied. "We need to get this to headquarters!"

The doctor packed up the box and rushed toward the front door. They removed the latch, and cautiously peered out.

Much to their dismay, the docks were veritably overrun by British soldiers. The could see the man from the office gesticulating toward the warehouse.

Suddenly, there was a huge explosion from the dock where their submersible was tied.

"There goes our ride home!" exclaimed Snake.

Thus ends this adventure. But now they have a greater one - can they ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK?

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  1. This ended our last session. I'm not sure when we'll get around to playing the next session - perhaps next month.