Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tiny Trouble

Episode 2 of "Terror in Manhattan"

Last episode, our heroes used a submersible to sneak into Manhattan. They pulled their vessel up to the dock next to the enemy's warehouse. They noticed that 2 guards were outside the building.

Dr. McCoy watched in silence as the guards began patrolling the warehouse, one going in each direction around the building. When both were out of site, the doctor gave the word. The trio opened the hatched and sneaked behind some crates. The guards completed their circuit, passed each other and then continued around. Rufus crept up behind one while Snake took the other. With two quick blows to the head, both guards were unconscious. Our heroes tied them up and hid them behind some barrels next to the building.

Snake then used a new skill, a magic spell that opens locks, to pick the padlock on the door. Unfortunately, the door was also barred from inside. The trio found an open, second-floor window on one side of the building. Snake tried to climb the sides but fell upon her rump. Instead, the heroes stacked barrels and crates and were able to enter.

They found themselves in a long storeroom filled with crates and barrels. At the far end of the room was a door. Quietly, they made their way to the door. They could hear chattering and scurrying among the boxes. Wary of an attack, they gripped their weapons tight.

Suddenly, a rock whipped by their heads. They turned from the source, and saw an unnerving sight. A small, scaly, blue-skinned figure with large pointed ears stood upon a crate, another rock in its hands. Rufus wasted no time. With a swift motion, he cast his tomahawk at the creature. It struck the gremlin between the eyes and it tumbled to the ground.

As Rufus retrieved his weapon, the trio could hear high-pitched, angry screams and more movement.
Another of the creatures appeared to their left. Hastily, the doctor threw his tomahawk. His aim was off; it whizzed by Snake, nearly removing her nose.

Then they heard more movement behind them. Two of the gremlins were nearby, running away from the party. One gripped a pistol while the other held a vial. Rufus checked his person.

"Hey! That's my pistol!"

The doctor noticed that he was missing one of his alchemical concoctions.

The gremlin with the pistol leaped onto a box, turned, and aimed at the trio. Rufus was quicker. His tomahawk flashed out, striking the creature dead. Snake whipped out one of her daggers. With a quick flick of the wrist, it was embedded in the remaining creatures back. The gremlin flopped to the ground.

After retrieving their items, the heroes made a quick dash out the door.

What other dangers await them in the warehouse? Find out next time!

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