Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sinister Sorcery

Another Knight of Destiny Adventure
Part 1 of Sir Rudy's Quest

Sir Rudy is another knight of Arthur's court that has taken on the Quest for the Holy Grail.

As he wandered through the countryside, he comforted a mortally wounded paladin and defeated a band of vicious dwarves. He then found an inn where he hired a merchant named Edric to manage his supplies.

He was about to leave the inn when a young, crying maiden ran up to him. She told Rudy how an evil wizard, Laamorz, had holed up in a nearby tower and was demanding tribute from the village. She heard a rumor that the wizard wanted her as the next tribute!

Incensed, Rudy pledged to end the wizard's reign of terror. He rode to the tower where he confronted Laamorz. The wizard just scowled and then launched a fireball at him! Rudy blocked it with its shield and then rushed his enemy. He managed to get in a few strikes, none fatal. Laamorz retreated to his tower with Rudy in hot pursuit. A fireball struck the paladin; Rudy could feel his skin cooking with the heat, but he did not relent. At the top of the tower, Rudy cornered Laamorz. He offered the wizard a chance to yield, but the magician launched another fireball. Rudy charged and put an end to Laamorz.

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  1. Looks like a good start, interested to see how this pans out...