Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tentacle, Tentacle, Tentacle

The Conclusion of A Can of Worms - A Kate and Kip Adventure

Kate and Kip's ambush worked. They defeated the worms and were able to move deeper into the sewers.

Finally, deep in the heart of the sewers, they discovered a large tentacled creature protected by worms and a slime.

The worms rushed them and spewed acid. Kate and Kip dodged, then blasted the worms.

The slime came racing at them but Kip blasted it.

Our heroes began moving into the room. Kip shot the tentacled thing. It retaliated by spitting a gob of acid that hit Kate. She cried out in pain as acid burned her flesh.

Nevertheless, she moved forward to the railing. This time, the monster missed. The diversion gave Kip a chance to move behind some cover.

The thing turned its attention on Kip. Fortunately he found cover; the acid splashed against the barrel. Kip returned fire and seared the creature.

Kate found cover and fired. Her shot missed. The thing spat at Kip; once again the barrel protected him. His return shot was accurate, blasting into the thing and finally killing it.

With the tentacled thing's demise, Stargaze City has been saved!

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