Thursday, December 29, 2016

Khamen's Recruitment

Introduction to a New Four Two* Against Darkness Series

Khamen was lying upon a moldering heap of rags in the dank, gloomy cell. "Well, this is quite a fix you got yourself into," he thought to himself. He should have known better than to try to burgle the home of the captain of the City Watch. But the old man who hired him was willing to pay a pretty penny for that jeweled dagger. Khamen could not resist the offer.

As he pondered his tribulations, Khamen heard the clank of a gate and the echoes of footsteps along the corridor. From the sound, Khamen could tell that two men were approaching. Soon, the flicker of torchlight reached into his cell. The jailer opened the cell door and stepped aside. A man in white priestly robes stood there, gazing upon Khamen. He then turned to the guard and with a gesture dismissed him. The guard hesitated, started to protest, but then thought better of it and retreated instead.

"Am I to be shriven of my sins before my execution?" Khamen muttered sardonically.

"On the contrary," replied the priest. "I am here to offer you a chance for absolution."

Khamen sat up, then suspiciously answered, "How?"

"We hear that you are skilled at . . .acquiring things. There is something that the Temple wants to acquire. We believe you can assist us."

"And what do I get in return?"

"Out of here," the priest replied as he waved his hand about, indicating the cell.

"That's it?"

"Is that not enough?" The priest shook his head as if disappointed. "Ah well. The Temple will need to find another, and you can stay here." The priest turned to go.

"Wait!" called Khamen. "I'll help."

"Then come with me."

Khamen leapt up and followed the priest. As he started down the corridor, he collided with a hooded and cloaked figure that was waiting unseen. Khamen jerked with surprise; he could have sworn that only two men came down the corridor.

"Wha . . ?" began Khamen.

The priest turned his head and answered. "That is Candorra. As you can see, or perhaps it is better to say you cannot see, she excels at silent moving and hiding. She is to be your partner."

Khamen halted and firmly stated "I work alone."

"Ah," the priest answered in that smug tone that was beginning to irritate Khamen. "Well that is not possible. You are not entirely trustworthy, you see. If Candorra is unacceptable, you will need to return to your cell."

"Wait!" Khamen pleaded, waving his hands in supplication. "I may have been hasty . . ."

"Fine," the priest replied. "Come along; there is no time to waste."

Khamen hurried after the priest, with the figure of Candorra following ominously behind.

* OOC Game Notes

  • I wanted to run another dungeon as an experiment but I haven't completed Rowan's next adventure. I thought about using Maudicor but he is a higher level than I wanted. Ultimately, I decided to start new characters. Thus I present the story of Khamen and Candorra.
  • I am experimenting with 2-character adventuring parties (hence the reference to Two Against Darkness). When I ran Khamen and Candorra's first adventure, I halved the enemies and gave them a couple of healing potions.
  • Not surprising, Khamen is a rogue. Candorra is an elf. I used the character classes as is, although the Temple gave each character a potion of healing.

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