Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Tomb of An-Makeran

Part 1 of the Quest for the Book
A Rowan Adventure

After defeating the goblins, Rowan and Jacor are given a more difficult task. The Book of the Saints has been stolen by demon-worshiping fanatics. The culprits have fled to the trackless deserts far to the south, in the land of Palmeria. Our heroes must track them down.

Their first quest is to search for clues in the Tomb of An-Makeran. One problem - legend has it that his corpse rises from his sarcophagus and prowls the ancient tomb.

After a long journey, they arrive at the Tomb.

A rough map of the Tomb
The heroes' path is in red
They enter a long, broad corridor (2). In niches along the wall are the skeletal remains of temple guards. As soon as our heroes enter, the skeletons animate and attack. Jacor finds himself surrounded and takes a wound before Rowan saves him.

The next room (5) features a blood-stained altar. Rowan is stricken by a wave of weakness, but Jacor blesses him and the feeling passes. The heroes exit a door on the right (6) and encounter a temple priest. He attacks but our heroes dispatch him quickly.

They return through the altar room and exit left (4). They are suddenly attacked by a group of hyena-men. Jacor uses the power of the "Peace of Heaven" [aka sleep] to take out one hyena-man but the others swarm our heroes, wounding each of them. Rowan soon mows through the enemy.

In the next room (7), they find an emaciated figure that they take to be a corpse, until it speaks to them. "Brothers, your path is difficult. Allow me to help." It is a hermit who provides healing for Jacor.

In following rooms, they discover a clue (8)  - an ancient parchment - and accept a quest from a troubled spirit (9). Then they get swarmed by a pack of giant rats (12). Jacor uses "Peace of Heaven" to placate the beasts. They battle more skeletons (11), with Jacor taking a wound. After healing, they enter the last room (10).

In the center of the room is a sarcophagus. As soon as they enter, it opens and a mummy crawls out. It is An-Makeran!

Rowan rushes to engage but his attack misses. His shield blocks the mummy's counter. Jacor then hits the creature twice with the Holy Smite [lightning bolt] power. The mummy disintegrates.

The mummy is destroyed and the clue is in their hands, but they accepted a quest to clear all evil from the temple. They check the remaining rooms - there is one more monster (1) but it is a tough one, a chimera!

Jacor heals himself and Rowan, then they burst into the room. The beast's dragon head breathes fire, scorching our heroes. Jacor has no more power so he attacks with his staff, and actually manages to get a hit. Rowan uses his shield to block the beast's attacks, and he manages to get in a couple of solid hits. The wounded beast flees!

With the Tomb cleansed and this part of the quest complete, the duo head for the city of Alatar. There, they can recover their strength and find a sage who can unravel the mystery of the clue they found!

Game Notes
I played this adventure using my card-based modifications for Four Against Darkness. Read more here.

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