Monday, January 2, 2017

Into the Corsair's Hideout

Part 1 of Dark Waters
(A Khamen and Candorra Adventure using Four Against Darkness)

This post accounts my play-through of the Four Against Darkness module, Dark Waters. If you plan to play this module you may not want to read further.

After arriving at Telzany's Cove, Khamen and his companions visited the Atlis Coast Guard headquarters. There, they learned that a band of corsairs had a hideout nestled in the cliffs and rocks several miles south of the city. The difficult terrain has made it impossible for the Coast Guard to approach, but perhaps a small party could do it. The authorities offered a large reward if the party could capture the captain of the corsairs.

After agreeing, a Coast Guardgave them a small boat. They sailed to the cove then rowed in to the entrance, avoiding some dangerous rocks. Entering the caverns, they ran into a guard room with bandits and dogs. They reached for their swords but Flint intervened.

"Where's your captain?"

"What?" their leader responded.

"We're here with a proposal for your captain. A lucrative deal. Lead us to him, and you may all benefit." said Flint.

"Find him yourself," the head guard responded, pointing the way deeper into the caverns. The guards let the party pass.

Game Note: As I mentioned before, I am not tracking gold. When I roll "bribe" (as I did with the guards), I then make a persuasion roll. Success means that they party can pass.

The party moved deeper into the caverns. Entering a room, they ran into a bunch of goblins.

A schematic of the party's run-in with goblins.
The party consists of Khamen, Candorra, and Flint (in rear)
Three goblins attacked Khamen but he dodged and ducked the blows. Candorra and Flint killed two of the goblins each. The goblins continued to attack, though. Khamen and Flint avoid blows and then Candorra and Flint took out the last two.

The party continued deeper into the caverns. They opened a door and entered a room filled with garbage. Suddenly, a green slime lashed out at them. Khamen was hit, but then they withdrew from the room. After going further, they found a secret exit from the caverns.

The companions backtracked and finally found the captain. He was at the edge of an underground lake, conversing with a green-skinned creature. The creature grabbed a golden idol from his hands and dove into the lake. The captain turned and gasped in surprise, for the party had snuck up to him and attacked. Candorra's blade bit into the captain's arm. He roared in pain but swung in return. His counter struck home, and Candorra staggered away. The captain chased after her, deflecting attacks from the others and stabbed her two more times. Flint stepped forward, blocking the captain. This gave Candorra time to drink a healing potion. She then murmured an incantation. Lightning flashed from her fingertips and struck the captain. He collapsed.

After administering aid, they tied and gagged the captain and began carrying him through the caverns. But they ran into 3 corsairs. When they saw their captain tied up, they charged. With his rapier and dagger whirling, Flint took out 2 of the enemy. The last attacked Khamen but he parried the blow. Candorra came over and struck down the last one.

The party made it safely to the secret exit, which led down a ladder. Khamen went first, and ensured that the way was clear. Then they used a rope to lower the captain. Candorra went next and then Flint followed. As he made his way down the ladder, a rung gave way. He fell to the bottom and sprained his ankle. Despite his injury, the party made their way back to their boat and sailed back to Telzany's Cove. Flint's eyes grew wide as they handed him his share of the reward.

But what of the idol? Find out in part 2!

Game Note: The module consists of 2 parts. First is a pre-generated dungeon, which I describe in this post. The second is a random dungeon. I haven't played that part yet.

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