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Search for the Shark God Statue

Introduction to Dark Waters
(A Khamen and Candorra Adventure using Four Against Darkness)

Note: Pardon the long-winded intro. The actual game report will begin in the next installment. If you skip this intro you won't be missing much.

Khamen sat at a table in the rear of the tavern, enjoying the spoils of his last adventure. He sipped his ale and watched the drunken revelry of the patrons. The tavern door opened, and a gust of frigid winter air blew through the crowd. Even in the back, Khamen could feel its icy blast. The revelers shouted for the newcomer to close the door. Apologetically, an old man in pilgrim's robes entered. He seemed out of place in this nest of debauchery, but the patrons did not notice. Khamen watched him warily.

The old man made a beeline for Khamen's table. As he approached, Khamen recognized him. Different robes, but the same walk. It was the Temple priest who sent him into the Rat God's temple.

"May I sit?" the old priest asked.

Khamen hesitated, then nodded. "Although it will avail you little." he added.

"We shall see. It is all as the Maker wills it."

"Does He will you a drink?" Khamen asked sarcastically. "No. I suppose not."

The priest smiled and nodded. "It is for another reason I come, but I'm sure you can figure that out."

"Another job?"

The priest nodded and began to speak. Khamen cut him off.

"Not interested."

"Not even for 100 gold?"

Khamen looked up from his drink. "200." he demanded.

"Done," stated the priest, putting out his hand. Khamen grasped the proffered hand and shook.

And thus Khamen found himself once more in the employ of the Temple. As he stood at the taffrail of the ship, he pondered the events of the last few weeks. His employer was sending him to the Sea of Storms, to the south of Talmatia, in search of a relic of the pagan Shark God, stolen from a merchant ship traversing those perilous seas.. It sounded like a difficult assignment, but at least it was in a warmer climate.

Note: And so Khamen took up the quest presented in the Four Against Darkness module called Dark Waters.

Candorra accompanied him again. The Temple still did not entirely trust him. Besides, she was useful; he would never have escaped the Rat God's lair without her. This time, however, they had another companion, They met him on the docks of Talmatia as they searched for a ship to take them to Telzany's Cove, a port on the southern continent. From there, they hoped to track the relic. As they made their way through the bustle of the quayside crowds, Khamen felt a hand brush against his belt - the telltale sign of a pickpocket. Khamen quickly turned and grabbed the offending hand as he surreptitiously unsheathed his dagger.

"I would let go of that purse if I were you." Khamen snarled.

"I don't know what. . . Khamen, is that you?"

Khamen stared at the pickpocket. "Flint?"

"It IS you, Khamen!" the man named Flint responded. "It is good to see you. How long as it been? 10 years? We should share an ale and catch up!"

"Yes, we should." Khamen agreed. "But first you should return my purse."

"Of course, old friend! You'll need it because you're buying!" Flint laughed as he returned the purse.

They soon learned what Flint had been up to. A little thieving, a little smuggling, a little piracy. Flint loved to talk, Khamen recollected. For his part, Khamen revealed little. He just mentioned that he was on a retrieval job for a wealthy client.

"The Shark Idol, perhaps?" Flint pried.

Khamen's eyes widened for a brief moment before he regained control. Flint just laughed, for he knew his guess was correct.

"Then ye'll be needin' someone to guide you through these dark waters. And I know just the one to do the job."

Candorra demurred at first, but Khamen reassured her that they could trust Flint, or at least as far as thieves go. Besides, it would be more hazardous to leave him, and his knowledge of their goal, behind. And thus, they hired Flint to join their party.

What happens next? Stay tuned for our next installment.

Note: I originally was going to run just Khamen and Candorra through the adventure. Then I saw that the module introduced a new character class - the swashbuckler. I just had to try out a swashbuckler character. And so Flint was created.

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