Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Shocking Turn of Events

Episode 4 of Plans Go Awry

In our last episode, Rugen and Tee defeated the pirate captain and his crew.

"Well Captain, what IS going on?"

The pirate captain appeared frazzled. "Enough! I'm jest tryin' to survive. The station's been invaded. Bugs, I tells ya. Big 'uns. Smart, too. They came in ships and carry lasers. "They're roundin' up every person on board. I don't know why, and I don't want to find out!"

"Bugs, eh? Well, we'll deal with them." The captain gave Rugen a skeptical look.

Now, have you seen a man named Jacinto Barik?"

The pirate captain winced.

"Speak!" commanded Rugen.

"All right. All right. I was set to rendezvous with him. Didn't show up. I'm bettin' that the bugs got 'im."

"Well, just in case you DID meet him, I'm going to have to search you. Come on, Tee. Let's get to it."

Rugen and Tee cared for the wounded then found an empty airlock. With a little jury-rigging, they turned it into a prison cell and locked up the pirates. None of them carried the Templar secrets that were the focus of their mission. The duo then decided to look for Barik, even if that meant facing the "bugs."

Our heroes proceeded on their search for Barik. They headed toward the central ring of the station, but spotted no one. They came to the corridor for A Wing, opposite from where the landed their scout ship. Surprisingly, the blast doors were shut.

"Tee, see if you can open it."

Tee flipped open the control panel and began to fiddle with the instrumentation. Suddenly, a surge of electricity rushed through the panel and engulfed Tee. With a jolt, he was knocked away from the panel and fell flat on his face,"

"Tee!" shouted an alarmed Rugen. He rushed to his comatose friend.

"Shorted out!"

Rugen pried open the controls on Tee's chest and began diagnostics. Yes, the surge had shorted him out.

"Let's see if I can reboot you," Rugen said and he worked the controls.

"Almost there!" But just as Rugen said this, an arc of electricity shot through Tee's controls.

"Holy Temple!" swore Rugen. "Looks like it's back to square one."

As he returned to his work, Rugen suddenly heard a mysterious growling sound from behind him. He turned, and saw the "bug."

It was easily 6 feet tall, walking upright on its hind appendages. Its head featured 2 huge, insectoid eyes, antennae, and a  frightening proboscis. It's body looked like a hardened carapace and 2 more limbs extended from its torso. Wings jutted from its back. This particular specimen was dragging what looked like a bag and carrying a long prod.

The "bug" spotted Rugen, dropped its hold on the bag, and rushed forward, prod at the ready. Rugen dodged the attack, spun, and got behind the creature. He unsheathed his stunsword and struck the creature but its carapace seemed to protect it. The bug turned but Rugen got in another shot. This one seemed to jolt the bug and it leaped back a pace.

Rugen followed his attack with another, but this time the bug dodged. Rugen was off-balance and the bug attacked. Rugen just managed to get his sword in position to ward off the prod. Still, it sizzled with electricity that Rugen could feel on his face. Rugen then spun his blade, knocking the prod aside. Rugen stepped in and struck. Again the bug fell back.

Our hero rushed forward, swiftly striking in a series of attacks that dazed the enemy. Finally, Rugen found a weak spot, his blade landed precisely, and the creature fell.

Rugen stood over the fallen foe, his breathing heavy. Suddenly, he felt a hand grip him by the shoulder.

What will happen next to our heroes. Find out next time!

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