Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Last Stand - Part 2

Episode 3 of Plans Go Awry

With the scout ship's hatch blown open (see Part 1), laser bolts filled the passage. Rugen peeked over the metal box behind which he hid. Several pirates were heading down the gangway, pistols ablaze. Tee raised up and got off a shot, taking out a pirate. But he exposed himself and a shot glanced off him. Rugen could smell the odor of burning metal.

Rugen and Tee began firing wildly into the mass of enemies, and they dropped like flies. Rugen drew his stunsword and used it as defense, deflecting the pirate's bolts. He managed to managed to knock a laser shot back at the target, knocking out the shooter.

Another shot struck Tee, but his return fire dropped the last enemy.

Tee and Rugen ducked back behind cover. Tee began to tend to his wounds.

"Are you all right?" Rugen asked, concern in his voice.

"I am fine. I was grazed a couple of times. My systems appear to be fully functional, however."

Another volley of lasers traced through the air above them.

"Here they come again!"

This time, the pirates, led by a tall, imposing figure, approached more carefully. They hugged the walls or crawled forward, using their downed comrades as cover. All the while, they kept up a steady fire.

At a word from the leader, they concentrated their fire on Rugen. He dodged, squeezed off a shot that took out one pirate, then deflected a shot from the leader.

The pirates hit the deck. Tee's marksmanship kept them pinned until Rugen was able to finish them off. In frustration, the leader starting blasting shots at Rugen. He whipped his sword in the laser's path, deflecting it back to the shooter. The leader dropped like a dead weight.

But the pirates were not finished. More shots echoed through the passage. Then, a massively built human, stripped to the waist armed with a blaster and stunsword rushed forward. Both Tee and Rugen hit him. He shrugged off the shots and continued forward!

The pirate fired. Rugen parried the shot. It struck the pirate who was stunned for a moment. Tee and Rugen used the opportunity to pour shot into him. He went down.

Through the smoke that filled the passage another figure appeared. An elegantly dressed man, stunsword in his hand.

"Ye've taken out me men," the pirate sneered, "but do ye think ye can best Cap'n Crowe with that blade of yers? Or are ye chicken?"

"He's mine," Rugen whispered to his friend. Then Rugen stepped out from cover, his sword at the ready.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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