Sunday, June 7, 2015

Last Stand - Part 1

Part 3 of Plans Go Awry
In our last episode, our heroes stumbled upon a band of pirates. Although they were victorious, Rugen was rendered unconscious.

Now to continue with our story.

Tee picked up his friend and began to make his way back to their scout ship. Soon, he heard the sound of pursuit behind him. More pirates! Tee began to run, his mechanical muscles easily handling the weight of his unconscious friend. Yet the weight slowed him down; he could hear footsteps grow closer behind him.

A flash of light passed him.

Pew! Pew! Another sound rang in his auditory sensors. Laser fire. He turned to look and saw pirates behind him.

He was nearing their ship, though. Soon they would be safe - temporarily.

Pew! Another shot passed dangerously close! Almost there though!

Shouts sounded behind him. "Stop or die!" Tee ignored them, ducked into the scout ship, and hit the controls. The hatch snapped shut just as a laser beam struck. The sound reverberated through the ship.

Tee grabbed a med pack and applied it to Rugen's wounds. His friend's eyes snapped open.

"Thanks, friend," the wounded Templar said.

"Unfortunately, we are not safe yet." At that second, a laser blast hit the hull.

A  moment later, their comm panel began to beep, Incoming message. Tee clicked it on.

"Federation ship. Consider yerself confiscated. Surrender and ye'll be allowed to leave the ship unmolested. Refuse and ye shall face the consequences."

Rugen, weak but regaining his vigor, responded emphatically: "Never! We know that you are pirates. We will not allow you to escape and continue your reign of terror on the peaceful citizens of the galaxy!"

"Tut. Tut. So hostile! Would ye risk yer own skin for the 'citizens of the galaxy?' Be wise, and ye'll live."

"We are Templars! It is our duty to defend the galaxy."

There was a moment's pause. On the other end of the connection, Rugen could overhear a heated discussion. Then, the enemy's voice responded: "And I be Cap'n Nat Crowe - scourge of the seven systems! We be needin' yer ship so we're gonna take it - over yer dead bodies!"

Another laser blast struck the side of the ship.

"Let's get out of her!" commanded Rugen. He jumped into the pilot's chair, but immediately muttered a curse.

"They've engaged a tractor beam. We're stuck!"

Rugen fiddled with controls, trying to disengage the lock on their ship. Tee began to stack some heavy metal boxes in the hatchway.

"I think we need to prepare to repel boarders." he calmly stated. Rugen turned, nodded, and joined to help him.

After a few more laser blasts, the hatch shuddered and blew in. Laser bolts filled the air as Rugen and Tee, armed with laser pistols, ducked behind the boxes.

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