Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Stand - Part 3

Episode 3 of Plans Go Awry

After the defeat of the pirate crew (see Part 2), Captain Nat Crowe personally challenged Rugen. Rugen dropped his laser pistol and advanced with his stunsword at the ready. Crowe rushed forward, his blade raised above his head, ready to strike death upon Rugen. As the pirate's blade slashed in a downward arc, Rugen neatly sidestepped. The Templar's riposte struck Crowe's left arm. The pirate backed off.

Crowe snarled at Rugen and said, "Ye'll pay fer that, dog of a priest!"

Crowe launched into a spin move that caught Rugen off guard. The blow struck Rugen's leg. He stumbled back and fell to the ground. Crowe rushed forward, slashing down again. Rugen just managed to get his sword into position. The two blades sparked with electricity when they met. Rugen kicked with his leg. Crowe exclaimed in surprise and momentarily lost his focus. Rugen rolled away then leaped back to his feet.

With Crowe momentarily dazed, Rugen lunged at his foe. The pirate recovered, parried the attack, and countered. This time, the blade of pulsing energy tore into Rugen's arm. He grunted in pain then jumped back, out of reach of his foe.

The captain advanced again, more cautiously this time. He rained a series of blows on Rugen but the Templar parried them all. The two began to circle, looking for an opening in the other's guard. Then like a cobra, Rugen struck. But Crowe was quicker and dodged the attack. The pirate followed with a sudden counter. Rugen just managed to get his blade into position. Again, sparks flew as the swords met.

Another round of circling. This time, Crowe broke the stalemate with a sudden slash. Rugen parried, but his riposte left him unbalanced. Crowe snorted triumphantly, swinging his blade in an arc that looked sure to decapitate our hero. Rugen leaped, somersaulting over and around his foe's blade. Landing on his feet with his back to Crowe, he then reversed his grip and thrust his blade backward. This time it struck true, right in the center of Crowe's chest. A visible pulse of energy rushed from the blade and engulfed the captain. He froze as if electrocuted, then crumpled to the ground.

A few minutes later, Crowe awoke. Kneeling beside him, a robot was tending to his wounds. He looked up, and saw the tip of a stunsword pointed at this throat.

"Now Captain," commanded Rugen, "perhaps you can tell us what is going on around here?"

Stay tuned for Episode 4!

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