Sunday, April 24, 2016

Raid on the Wolf's Lair

A Dirk Daring Adventure
(Using a Four Against Darkness Variant)

Our heroes have been tasked with finding secret war plans of the Empire of the Iron Fist. They surreptitiously flew into Imperial territory, found the hidden outpost known as the wolf's lair, and are now entering it to find the plans.

Here is a map of the outpost:

They entered through a little-used side entrance and found themselves in an empty room with 3 exits (1). They took the middle entrance and found themselves in a guard room (2). The guards were all armed with poison needle guns but before they could get a shot off the party opened fire and eliminated the enemy.

This room was a dead end so they backtracked, wound through a corridor (3) into a nondescript office. They found a hidden safe. Sally unlocked it and was almost poisoned by a trap. They found some secret documents, which they kept. They weren't the plans they wanted, however.

The next room (5) was an armory. The lone Imperial engineer saw the party and quickly donned a large, flame-throwing exoskeleton. Boomer used a demolition charge, which damaged the exoskeleton. It then replied by blasting the room with a jet of flame. Boomer and Mme. Fatale were burned. Dirk and Fatale then emptied their revolvers into the exoskeleton. Boomer followed with a well-aimed shot that disabled the machine.

Leaving the armory, the party headed down a  long corridor (6). They stopped at an intersection when suddenly machine gun fire erupted. Fortunately, our heroes dove for cover and were safe. They discovered that the guns were a trap. Also, when they hit the floor they found a security pass.

In the next room (7) they were confronted by 3 Guardsmen. Fortunately, they were able to use the pass that they found to bluff their way past.

Our heroes then meandered through an empty corridor (8) and entered a small office. At the desk was an officer of the Imperial Secret Police. When he saw the party, he pulled out a sub-machine gun and opened fire. Dirk and Sally fired back, wounded him. He ducked behind his desk. Lifting his weapon over the desk top, he fired another burst. This time Dirk and Boomer shot, wounding him again. At this point, he surrendered. Our heroes tied him up and searched him. No plans.

The party went back through the corridor (8) and entered the next office (10). Another Secret Police officer! Another firefight broke out. Boomer used a demolition charge to wound the officer, but in turn he wounded Dirk. But the barrage of gunfire was too much and the officer slumped to the floor. Checking the room, they found the plans.

They rushed back through the outpost while chased by guard dogs. At one point a dog latched on Boomer's leg, tearing at his flesh. His comrades was able to defeat the dog and helped Boomer limp from the outpost.

Once outside, they made their way back to Dirk's plane and soared off to safety.

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