Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thrilling Adventures in Aetheria!

The Tales of Dirk Daring
As the Empire of the Iron Fist threatens the Free People of Aetheria, the forces of freedom have recruited a band of courageous adventurers to take the fight to the Empire. Led by Dirk Daring, they go on thrilling adventures in Aetheria, with the fate of the free world in their hands!

Cast of Characters

Dirk Daring
The commander of the party. He was a celebrated fighter pilot during the Grand War. After the war, he became a stunt pilot. he travels the world performing at air shows across the globe. This gives him an opportunity counter the nefarious plots of the Empire throughout the world.

Dirk is a redoubtable soldier who wears a well-worn leather jacket and carries a pearl-handled pistol.

Sally Sweeting
Don't be fooled by Sally's demure looks. She is actual an accomplished mechanic who keeps Dirk's planes in working order. In a pinch, she can pitch in during a fight.

Sally's agility and luck, along with her .22 caliber pistol, keep her from harm.

"Boomer" Bradley
Nick "Boomer" Bradley is a demolitions expert. He was serving in the Confederation military, working on top secret projects for the government, when Dirk offered him a chance to get out of the laboratory. Boomer jumped at the chance.

Boomer is armed with a light pistol and carries 3 demolition charges.

Mme. Fifi Fatale
The sultry Mme. Fatale is an agent for the Galllian Secret Service. Her government is afraid of antagonizing the Empire openly so they assigned her to work with Dirk's team covertly. Although she is not averse to using her feminine wiles, she is no slouch in a fight.

Fifi is armed with a pistol.

The Mission
Join our team as they embark on their first mission - the Raid on the Wolf's Lair.

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