Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Wyrm Under the Streets

Part 1 of the Catacombs
(A Maudicor Adventure Using Four Against Darkness)

After our failure at the Caverns of Chaos, the Preceptor decided that we should tackle something a bit less challenging (famous last words!). Under the city is a labyrinth of tunnels known as the Catacombs. It has often been the lair of disreputable folk. Currently, there are rumors of evil deeds. It is our mission to investigate it.

As he was unable to provide us more equipment, we had to improvise some clubs.

Here is a map of the dungeon so far:

We entered the dungeon. Opening the middle door of the first room (1), we proceeded into a twisting corridor (2). Here we ran into 5 fungi folk. Aganon and Wynne fought superbly and defeated the enemy (although Wynne was wounded).

We then entered a large empty room (3). As we proceeded to the door, we were suddenly attacked by 5 vampire frogs. They seemed to target Kyda; she was soon badly wounded but Wynne healed her. Kyda then backstabbed the last remaining frog.

At this point,we discovered a valuable piece of jewelry. We decided to take it back to the Temple and re-arm ourselves.
Game note: I "cheated" here and let the adventurers leave and return to the dungeon because I felt it would make for a better story if I could arm them properly. Changing the rules is one of the benefits of solo gaming (and as you will see it was very fortuitous for the party).

Refit and rested, we returned to the Catacombs. In a corridor (4), we ran into 7 ne'er-do-wells, apparently using the Catacombs for nefarious ends. Aganon gave them a chance to surrender but they attacked. I put 5 of them to sleep and the others fled.
Game note: The random roll came up orcs but it seemed unlikely for tunnels under the city. I changed the name but used the same stats. One of the strengths of Four Against Darkness is that the monster lists can easily be tailored to your needs.

We then passed through a corridor (5) and a room (6) without incident until we came to an irregular room (7). There was a dais with what we thought was a statue of a dragon on it. Then the dragon began to move! I immediately shot a lightning bolt at it, which seared the beast. Aganon leapt into the fray and stabbed the dragon. The beast, reared back and slashed with its massive talons. Aganon ducked but Wynne was hit and thrown against the wall. Again, Aganon stabbed the beast. This time, its attacks missed. But then it reared back and spewed forth a geyser of sulfurous breath. Aganon and Wynne dodged but Kyda and I were scorched. Then Wynne leapt upon the beast's back, and with a prayer to the Maker clubbed its skull. It collapsed in a heap. We found some minor bits of treasure (including a fireball scroll).

As we take a moment to recuperate, I am jotting down these notes. It appears that the dragon was being kept by someone, perhaps as a watcher. Who is behind the evil doings in these Catacombs? Only further exploration will tell.

Game Notes
This was my second adventure using Four Against Darkness available from Ganesha Games. I highly recommend it for some quick adventuring!


  1. Nice report! I'm liking these rules as well.

  2. I assume they are big, blood-sucking frogs

  3. Yes they are large frogs with pointed teeth and a suction-like mouththat attach to your legs and suck blood. Dangerous in large numbers.