Saturday, April 23, 2016

Stone Cold

The Thrilling Conclusion to the Catacombs
(A Maudicor Adventure Using Four Against Darkness)

After defeating the dragon, we continued our investigation of the Catacombs. Here is a map of what we explored:

Our search led us to a corridor filled with dragon swarmlings (8) which guarded an expensive gem. Then I solved a puzzle (9) to find a lightning bolt scroll.

We backtracked and in a square room (10) we found a hidden treasure chest with 196 gold pieces. As we proceeded, we defeated 3 zombies (11) and 6 cultists (13). I was able to use a fireball scroll that I found to aid us in our victory over the cultists.

Game note: Again, to meet the theme, I changed some monsters. As the dungeon progressed, I began to envision it as a lair of a dragon cult, hence the dragon swarmlings (instead of goblin swarmlings) and cultists (instead of hobgoblins).

Fortunately, we found a room with a fountain (15). We tested the waters and found that they healed our wounds.

The next room (16) was a more unpleasant surprise. As we entered, we spied a female figure with snakes for her hair. A medusa! Aganon and Wynne were instantly turned to stone! "Don't look at her face!" I yelled. "Keep your eyes on her feet!" I used a lightning bolt scroll but with my eyes averted, I missed badly. Kyda and I then forged into the fight. Alas, our limited vision hindered our attacks, and many times we missed our target. The medusa managed to wound both of us. But finally, we got used to our poor vision and struck her until she collapsed dead. We found a magical sword.

But what to do about our petrified comrades? We picked up their bodies and began to manhandle them through the dungeon towards the exit. We had to beat back attacks by rats and vampire bats but managed to make it out of the dungeon. We brought our friends back to the Temple, where blessings returned them to their human form.

After we made our report to the Preceptor, he sent out another expedition to rout out the remaining cult. Alas, the leader and the remaining cultists had fled. At least the Catacombs are now clear!

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