Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Part 1 of a new Maudicor Adventure

After the success in defeating the medusa in the Catacombs, the Preceptor decided that we could tackle something a bit more challenging. In the nearby foothills is an abandoned monastery. Lately, a dreadful ogre has taken residence and attracted other monstrosities to his banner. We are to enter the monastery and kill the ogre.

Here is a map of the monastery.

We entered the grounds and came to an intersection (1). Turning right into a corridor (2), we ran into 2 orcs. They did not last long. We came to a narrow, L-shaped room (3). As we turned the corner, a burst of flame enveloped us. Then with a deafening roar, a small dragon attacked. I blasted it with a lightning bolt. It then attacked our fighter and cleric, but they avoided its deadly claws and jaws. Thus began a deadly dance. Aganon and Wynne tried to strike the beast while avoiding its attacks. Finally, Aganon struck 2 quick blows. The beast staggered and then Wynne finished it off with a blow to the head. We found a gem worth 40 gold.

We then backtracked and entered a square room (4) with an altar at the far end. As we approached, the altar glowed with a diabolic, pulsating light.

From http://media.wizards.com/images/magic/daily/wallpapers/AltaroftheLost_DKA_2560x1600_Wallpaper.jpg
Suddenly, I felt as if I were stricken by pure malevolence. Wynne rushed to my side and blessed me in the name of the Maker. The feeling dissipated.

The next room (5) contained a puzzle, which I solved easily. My success unveiled a hidden recess wherein lay a magical bow. We gave it to Kyda. We passed through an armory (6) into a room that looked like a mausoleum (7). Suddenly, a ghostly entity appeared. Aganon and Wynne were so frightened that they appeared momentarily transfixed. The entity disappeared as quickly as it arrived, so we continued our quest.

We passed through a couple of corridors (8-9), scattering several giant centipedes along the way. We then entered a small room (10) stacked with books. I found a scroll that allows me to cast an Escape spell. We proceeded into another corridor (11) where we defeated 3 hobgoblins.

As we entered the next passage (12), we were assaulted by a noxious odor. As we recoiled in disgust, 2 trolls rushed us!
From http://tribality.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/troll1-740x360.jpg
Aganon and Wynne ably defended and then slaughtered the creatures. As we recovered from our shock, one came back to life and grabbed Wynne's leg. She smashed it with her mace and then Kyda sliced it to ribbons. I then noticed that one of them dropped a staff. I picked it up and noticed runes notched along its length. Deciphering them, I realized that I held a magic staff that cast fireballs. Wonderful treasure indeed! But we seemed no closer to the end of our quest. Where was the ogre?

Find out next time!

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