Thursday, May 5, 2016

Worm Food

A Kate and Kip Adventure

Our heroes Kate and Kip took a short break after their rescue from a Frigidair prison. But now they are back. Word has reached Federation HQ that Stargaze City on the planet Celestia has been overrun by worm-like creatures. These monstrosities are devouring the local population. The creatures are issuing from a pumping station in the middle of the city.

Kate and Kip have been sent to investigate. They land on the outskirts of the city and cautiously move forward. They spot 2 types of creatures - worms and slimes.

With their blasters on full power, our heroes eliminate 2 worms. The creatures begin to converge towards them.

A slime accosts Kip but his clothing temporarily protects him. Unfortunately, a worm spits acid on him, causing a wound.

Kate and Kip destroy 2 more of the monstrosities while slimes approach.

A slime eats through Kip's pants and causes another wound. Kip blasts another worm.

Kate and Kip take refuge in some buildings. One slime oozes under a doorway into Kip's building. It latches onto his leg. A shock of pain runs through Kip's body and he collapses.

The slime leaves its prey and chases after Kate.

She flees to Kip's building where she finds her partner comatose. The slimes surround her and attack. She feels their acidic secretions burn through her skin. She nearly faints from the pain.

But persevering, she blasts one slime.

And then the other.

Our heroes are unable to continue to the pumping station. Kate drags Kip to the safety of their ship where she administers first aid and calls for assistance.

Will our heroes learn the secret of the monstrosities or is Celestia doomed? Find out next time!

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