Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back at It

Part 2 of A Can of Worms - A Kate and Kip Adventure

Last time, Kate and Kip were defeated while investigating rampaging worm creatures on the planet Celestia. They managed to make it back to their ship, where they called for help. A squad (actually 2) of Federation troopers joined them.

This time, Kate and Kip landed east of the pumping station. The troopers landed west; their mission was to draw off the monstrosities while our heroes made for the station.

The slimes converged on the troopers, taking one out. One slime noticed the heroes but Kate blasted it.

The remaining trooper sought cover in a building. Kate and Kip began battling a worm guarding the station.

A slime slipped under a doorway and wounded the trooper. Kate and Kip rushed forward.

They entered the station and blasted the guardian.

They found a trail of slime leading into a tunnel. As they entered the black hole, they could hear a man's screams echoing throughout the city. They bowed their heads in tribute to the fallen troopers.

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